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the ‘potato scam’ that can destroy your money

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the ‘potato scam’ that can destroy your money

After the increase in cases of users reporting through social networks that they had lost all their money due to a cyber scam, the official account of the National Police In Spain, it has been forced to alert, once again, all citizens of a new scam.

The thieves have moved to e-commerce, which has experienced a significant boom in Spain in recent years, representing approximately a quarter of all purchases made.

Second-hand platforms have become the main way to carry out these operations, which leads to new scams appearing in this market. Now, The National Police has been forced to warn of the ‘potato scam’.

What is ‘the potato scam’?

The ‘potato scam’ consists of making a deception through the counter-sale platform. The seller (really the scammer), offers a next-generation mobile phone for sale at an affordable price so that users can get a bite.

Instead of receiving the cell phone, the buyer receives a potato, which ends up being the icing on the cake of the scam. Victims become aware of the scam when they open the package at home and once the payment has been made.

How to avoid being a victim of the ‘potato scam’?

To avoid falling into the potato scam the Police recommends seeking opinions from other Internet users who have already bought from the supposed seller to check if it is reliable or not, never continue with the transaction outside the second-hand platform, use secure payment methods and, if you have still been a victim of the scam: file a report on the platform and quickly go to the National Police or Civil Guard.

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