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“The principal defends the boys? Absurd. I have bruises and I’m still in shock”

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“The principal defends the boys? Absurd. I have bruises and I’m still in shock”

Modena, 21 January 2023 – ”If second the principal we can not resume students that they commit a crime but we have to ignore it, we can continue like this. If this is the line of the principal of the professional institute, I acknowledge but categorically deny that I laid hands on the boys except when I had to wriggle out: at least two of them blocked and physically attacked me and I sustained bruises from beatings – reported by the emergency room rescue – for five days of prognosis. I’m still in shock.”

The professor of the Corni Tecnico, the teacher Stefano Longagnani, is a river in full flow who has decided to explain his own version of the facts regarding what happened in the school courtyard. Prof, what happened just before the end of the lessons?

“First of all, it is ridiculous that they accuse me when I am the victim of the attack. When I tried to go back inside, to save myself while being attacked, the janitors hid inside the guardhouse and the students prevented me from opening the door to the atrium. They are I was grabbed by several students and I reacted in self-defense. Before this episode, on the same day – and the principal will not be able to deny it – I was in the vice presidency to report one of these boys who was smoking. He himself told me : now we go to the principal and I explained to him that he would get in trouble. The vice principal identified him saying that action would be taken and twenty minutes later he was in the middle of the pack that attacked me. I didn’t lay hands on anyone if not to wriggle out and I also had an asthma attack, I’m asthmatic”.

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Where did the dispute arise from?

“I filmed them because they smoked – and it wasn’t tobacco smoke – and they approached aggressively. I started filming to protect myself and a very big one grabbed me from behind trying to take my mobile phone away. They surrounded me in a pack and I tried to break free”.

So they held her down?

“Yes, I was going to the car but I couldn’t get out and I didn’t want to show the kids which car was my car. I was trying to send them away from where they shouldn’t be. The guardhouse janitor was there, colleagues passed by in the courtyard but everyone made ‘their own’. A colleague, who was concerned to see how I was, told me that the day before yesterday a group of students had threatened the janitor”.

Is there a borderline situation in the institute?

“These rule the roost: a few years ago, when a student scolded himself, the boy left now, instead, he confronts the teacher. I am the laboratory manager for worker safety and I was documenting what I suffered to report to the presidency. That The courtyard has become dangerous, it has been discussed in recent negotiations and I was present as a union delegate. A few months ago it had become a place where there were students from any school because the gates allow you to enter without any checks. You need a permanent policeman and I have I asked the vice presidency to come periodically. I filmed them, I repeat it because I feared for my safety. I haven’t decided yet whether to file a complaint but if the principal made those statements I have to think about it: they defamed me and yet I was beaten, I I was injured and I’m in shock.”

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