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The Qatar national team responds to the English fans: Watford no, Udinese yes

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The Qatar national team responds to the English fans: Watford no, Udinese yes

The Arabs explain that they have chosen the Bianconeri, not the Hornets. Controversy after the friendly blown up for human rights

UDINE. The winds of English controversy do not subside: at the gates of the Pozzo house, the one in the London county of Hertfordshire, the disdain linked to the dispute of the summer friendly against Qatar still blows. The one recently canceled by Watford (scheduled for July 10 during the withdrawal in Austria), but confirmed, at the same time, by Udinese who will challenge the Arabs on the 24th of next month. And if overseas social networks continue to emphasize the two sides of the coin, in Italy nobody (or almost) wanted to ride the wave. Not even in Friuli. «It is a disgrace – tweets, then, a supporter of the Hornets -. It doesn’t matter whether the match is played by one team or the other: the ownership is the same and my thoughts on it don’t change ». In short, the critical spirit on the part of the English fans who waved the flag of “human rights”, those trampled on in Qatar, took over the relief for the cancellation of the match.

And to say that, only at the beginning of the week, the groups Proud Hornets e Women of Watford, after taking a (op) stance towards the friendly match, they expressed satisfaction with the turnaround operated by the club. “They took the simplest and most lazy way to avoid a conflict with typhus – comments in fact, a few hours later, an English supporter -: there was no real interest in the protection of human rights”. Rights violated by the Arab country: through, for example, the enactment of anti-LGBTQ + regulations. Or through the exploitation of foreign workers employed, in precarious conditions, in the construction of the stadiums in which the World Cup will be hosted. “I am happy that the club has listened to us -” chirps “a user via social media – but I wonder why, instead, to simply cancel the commitment, he has not expressed his opinion with a press release”.

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Someone, thus, adds: “It was a missed opportunity.” A chance that is now in the hands of Udinese. Of his fans. Among these few, however, seem touched by the question. At least in words. Rare, in this regard, the comments left on the social message boards of the Juventus club. “Are we crazy? – asks, frankly, Lorenzo on Instagram – Watford gives up playing and instead we do it… I’m disgusted ». Like him, few other supporters of the Zebretta. The rest of the supporters, rather, complain about the absence, from the pre-season program of the bianconeri, of friendlies in the region.

Meanwhile, the Qatari national team received the refusal of the English club. Responding, via social media, to rhymes and then giving his interpretation of the facts: «A series of friendlies against European teams has been brought to our attention. After reviewing each proposal, only a few teams were selected. Watford Fc was not among them ». Udinese, apparently, yes.

The appointment, therefore, remains set for July 24 (5 pm) in Mittersill, in the Salzburg area, the fifth test of the Austrian training of the bianconeri, starting on July 11 in Lienz, in Tyrol.

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