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The Reason Behind Mourinho’s Suspension: Damaging Referee Kefi’s Reputation and the Referee Association

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The Reason Behind Mourinho’s Suspension: Damaging Referee Kefi’s Reputation and the Referee Association

Title: Mourinho Suspended for Damaging Referee’s Reputation and Refusal to Apologize

Subtitle: The Italian National Federal Court announces the reason behind the 10-day suspension

Date: [Current Date]

Italian media football-italia reported that the Italian National Federal Court has revealed the reasons behind the 10-day suspension of AS Roma manager Jose Mourinho. According to the court, Mourinho’s actions had severely damaged the reputation of referee Kefi and the referee association. Furthermore, the court noted that Mourinho’s refusal to apologize further solidified the decision to suspend him for 10 days.

This recent suspension comes as a result of a previous punishment issued by the National Federal Court, which included a 50,000 Euro fine for Mourinho and AS Roma. The consequences mean that Mourinho will miss the first two rounds of Serie A matches. However, Roma’s schedule appears to be in their favor, as their opponents for the first two rounds are relatively weaker teams, Salernitana and Verona. Additionally, Mourinho’s assistants, Forti, Nuno, and Salzarulo, were also suspended.

The Italian National Federal Court released an official statement on July 7, local time, providing insight into the reasons behind Mourinho’s punishment. The report cited Mourinho’s refusal to apologize to referee Kefi as a key factor. It stated that Mourinho’s statements, made through television and other media outlets, exceeded the acceptable level of criticism towards Kefi and constituted a public breach of Article 23(1) of the Code of Sporting Justice.

The court’s judgment further emphasized the extent of the damage caused by Mourinho’s remarks. It stated, “Mourinho’s remarks have not only seriously damaged the reputation and prestige of referee Kifi, but also tarnished the reputation of the Italian Referee Association. The public has expressed serious doubts regarding the management mechanisms in place for referees in the game.”

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Previously, Mourinho openly criticized Kefi, labeling him as the worst referee he had encountered in his entire career. He accused Kefi of lacking empathy and making poor decisions, exemplified by his decision to issue a red card to a player who slipped from exhaustion in the 96th minute. Mourinho’s harsh comments also hinted at his desire to avoid encountering Kefi in future matches.

In conclusion, Mourinho’s suspension and fine have been attributed to his damaging comments about referee Kefi and his subsequent refusal to apologize. The Italian National Federal Court’s decision serves as a reminder to other coaches and managers about the boundaries of acceptable criticism in sports. As Mourinho serves his suspension, AS Roma hopes to navigate the early stages of the Serie A season with success.

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