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The recovery of Dinamo is printed against the iron

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On the day of coach Bucchi’s debut the biancoblù lose in the sprint against Napoli Nightmare night at the 3-pointer, the biancoblù fight but the bomb of victory goes out

SASSARI. Dinamo rediscover the desire to fight, but to regain luck and victory it takes something more. On the day of the debut of coach Piero Bucchi and the new purchase Kruslin, the biancoblù lose the fifth game in a row and sink in the standings: Gevi Napoli passes to PalaSerradimigni for 74-75 with full merit, but the Sassari have many reasons to complain .

Evening no. Steps for the triple of the victory on the siren sent on the iron by Mekowulu, who is not a shooter, but the Sassari have struck a bad evening in the 3-point shot: 6/32 at the end, while at 32 ‘the statistics spoke of a 2 / 24 creepy. With the engine already running on a single piston, Banco also had to give up Burnell for the entire second half, kept out as a precaution after a bad blow to the head.

Bad omens. Bucchi made his debut by immediately sending the newcomer, Kruslin, to the quintet, together with Gentile, Burnell, Bendzius and Mekowulu. The biancoblù move the ball well, take the momentum but start with five triple hits on the iron; Mekowulu and Bendzius sign 15-7 at 6 ‘, the blues of Sacripanti find important points with Rich and still remain in the wake. Treier pays for the tense stories with Marini by getting an unsportsmanlike foul, Naples slowly mends the tear and even puts the arrow on 18-20. The break is extended up to 17-3, the guests find the +6 (18-24), then the Banco’s engine restarts above all thanks to Logan.

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The first difficulties. Bucchi tries the pair Bendzius-Diop, but shooting from outside continues to be a problem (1/11) and we are witnessing absolute rarities such as two wrong free throws in a row by Logan. At 25-31 the coach asks for a timeout to avoid complications, the quintet’s answer is a “no”: the commitment is there, the application in part, but Dinamo gives the impression of being scared and indecisive. So Naples, without making sparks, finds the +8 with Pargo (32-40) and then arrives quietly at mid-match at 37-43.

The long run. Dinamo returns to the field with Devecchi in place of Burnell, who remained in the locker room to dispose of the after-effects of a bad fall. The biancoblù try to play, but collect trivial errors and still slide to -8, 39-47. The defensive battle of Gentile and Devecchi leads to an immediate reaction, even if a little confused, the public however understands the effort and the support also rises in tone. In any case, a break of 7-0 arrives for the 46-47, with the match that lights up: this time the Banco responds present and finds the strength to put the arrow back after a life, 52-51 at 2’38 “from the end period, thanks to Bendzius and Battle.

Real battle. Sacripanti stops everything with a timeout, the triple situation of Sassari becomes dramatic (2/22) and in addition comes the expulsion of Treier for his second personal unsportsmanlike. At the third siren Napoli is ahead 54-57, Dinamo arrives at 2/24 and before finally finding a bomb with Kruslin. The defense, however, is no longer so tough and so Gevi flies again at +7 with McDuffy, 59-66 at 6’30 ”from the end of the race. Sassari’s recovery comes once again from the defense, then Logan’s 5 points in a row bring the match back in a draw at 66 at 4’35 ”. The overtaking also arrives, signed by Bendzius from beyond the arc at 2’58 “(69-68), then Sacripanti’s timeout still works and at 1’42” Naples flew back to +5, 69-74. From hell Dinamo pulls out two great defenses and above all a triple from the table by Mekowulu and a canestrone by Logan on 24 ”for 74-74. Velicka makes 1 out of 2 from the line at 40 ”, then Napoli makes the most of the two remaining fouls of the bonus, defends hard on the throw-in and only grants an open shot on the siren to Mekowulu. That the miracle has already done it and in fact sends on the iron. It is not the evening, for the Banco, but it was understood earlier.

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