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the report cards – The Province of Pavia Pavia

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the report cards – The Province of Pavia Pavia

7 TONY’S He puts his signature on the three points of Voghe with two superlative interventions. He saves at the exit on Hamidi and then repeats himself on the 20-meter broadside of the host attacker.

6,5 GALIMBERTI It starts with some awkwardness on the right wing, then settles down. In the second half, he is more casual. The cross that leads to Casali’s advantage starts from him.

6,5 BACALONI The warning in the first few minutes does not affect him in any way. Always alert and well positioned in defense.

7 FORM It is becoming a bulwark. In one-on-one he never gets into trouble and, to an exemplary test, he adds the intervention on the goal line, which denies Pontelambrese’s equalizer.

7 RECEIVED They nullify a goal, very doubtful for offside. Determinant in avoiding the guest draw, with a saving intervention near the goal. Certainty.

6 NOIA He is still looking for the best shape. He does not always find the right timing of the pressure. Better in the second half.

6,5 LANZI A little fluctuating performance, between flashes and empty passages. The best play in the second half, when he stretches out in the opponent’s half and finishes high.

7 CASALI The opportunist goal, which unlocks the match, tweaks his evaluation upwards. Some insecurity errors.

6 ANDRIOLO Less incisive than the Pavia derby. It moves a lot, looking for space even on the outside, but it lacks effectiveness.

5,5 ROMANO He misses the penalty, kicking not flawlessly and in general he does not seem tonic in the attacking phase.

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7 FRANCHINI Always ready to put himself at the service of the team, with smart sides and plays. He stamps the 2-0 with a volley.

6,5 CASTELLANO His assist for Franchini’s 2-0.

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