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The Rockets’ return to the second place is worth paying attention to whether they can meet expectations. It depends on these three points.

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Original title: The Rockets’ return to the second place is worth paying attention to. Whether it can meet expectations depends on these three points.

Beijing time on December 24th news, Rockets rookie Jaylen Green returned in today’s Indiana Pacers game after missing a month due to injury. Green’s injury has caused him to miss most of the games so far this season. Since Green came off the field with a hamstring injury, he has missed 15 games of the Rockets, and the Rockets before his injury and the Rockets now have a completely different state.

In any case, his return does add strength to the Rockets, who have lost 4 of the past 5 games. The Rockets’ season revolves around Jaylen Green, and every minute he spends with the Rockets is more important than when he leaves the court. When a team chooses a player with the second pick in the draft, the situation is like this. The Rockets hope that Jaylen Green can play more and better games and grow into a star player.

Jaylen Green’s comeback has become a focus of fans’ attention to the Rockets. Green is a player worth looking forward to. In the next game, we will wait and see what kind of performance Green will show. As far as Green is concerned, whether he can meet the Rockets’ expectations of him may depend on whether he can achieve the following three points.

1. Green first needs a personal outbreak

Compared with ten years ago, the Rockets have become smarter on injury issues, but in many ways, the Rockets still feel that they have a long way to go. For example, in the 2018-19 season, when star guard Chris Paul recovered from a grade 2 hamstring injury, he left the Rockets. At that time, many people rushed to say that Paul’s career would decline rapidly, but almost no one thought about the level at which Paul would be able to play after returning from injury.

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The following season, when Paul appeared on the court looking like he was before, people thought it was weird, instead of the usual “well, he is healthy and back to normal”. Brooklyn Nets guard James Harden is now in the same situation. Hamstring injuries are difficult for players to recover, but these players did not get the patience of the Rockets after they came back. Now it’s Green’s turn. Fans and the media should be patient when looking forward to Jaylen Green’s outbreak.

This is his second hamstring injury in six months. Again, the recent hamstring injury is not serious, and he looks completely fine. But before he returns to the court and plays in form, it is difficult to say exactly how the injury affected him.

2. Green will gain space to show more comprehensive capabilities

If Jaylen Green’s personal explosion in the future is the first step, then the Rockets will give him more space tactically. The Rockets’ starting lineup decided to abandon Christian Wood and Daniel Theis in the same game where Green was injured, so he will need to adapt to the Rockets’ new lineup after his return. This probably helps Green stand out in the competition. Before Kevin Porter Jr. returns, Houston is likely to send Green, Eric Gordon, Garrison Matthews, Jason Tate and Christian Wood to form the starting lineup.

This means that there will be three good three-pointers in the starting lineup instead of one. This means that Green has more freedom to break through the offensive basket, and chances of getting outside may be less. For Green, he has more opportunities to show his ability to organize and lead the team. He is a passing master, but he did not really have a chance to pass a lot of assists and points.

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3. The chemical reaction between Green and Shen Jing

In the past games, rookie Alperen-Shen Kyoto is a rookie player that the Houston Rockets are very concerned about. Of course, the Rockets also clearly regard Green as the cornerstone of the team’s future. The Rockets signing Green with the second place in the ranking proves that the team regards him as a genius player. Therefore, if these two people are part of the Rockets’ long-term future, they need to play together as much as possible to develop a chemical reaction through the game. In theory, this running-in is meaningful for the Rockets.

Shen Jing is a more comprehensive coping ability than Green. In theory, he can become an offensive center, not just a substitute player. On the other hand, Green has a very good ability to run without the ball, and is also a perfect player who can fight side by side with Shen Jing. In the development league, he has been running to find opportunities for receiving and shooting, as well as more space for layups to get the chance to score. There is also a lot of dribbling and passing potential between the two. Shen Jing has reached such a tacit understanding with Augustine in the rotation.

So far, Jay Green and Shen Jing have played only 122 minutes, the offensive efficiency is not high and they have not played the due chemical reaction. However, the Rockets lineup usually includes two big players during the game time when they both played at the same time, which resulted in leaving it to Green and Shen Jing. It would be a good change to see them play in a normal playing space. For the Rockets as a whole, the growth of these two players will be of great significance. In the game after Green’s comeback, this point will become very worthy of attention.Return to Sohu to see more

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