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‘The salvation of Sampdoria is my 40th birthday present’ | Sky Sports

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‘The salvation of Sampdoria is my 40th birthday present’ |  Sky Sports

On the occasion of his 40th birthday, Fabio Quagliarella confided in a long interview with Sky Sport: “I’m waiting for the goal, Sampdoria need it. I’d like to celebrate salvation, there’s time and we have to believe in it. Will I retire? Now I concentrate on the pitch, I’ll decide in the coming months, but I’m serene. Napoli is beautiful and strong, but I won’t say that word…”

Fabio Quagliarella crosses the prestigious goal of 40 years and he does it as a protagonist, on the field, in the hunt for salvation with his own Sampdoria. The former Napoli and Juventus striker is gone scored in 17 seasons in Serie A: a fact that brings him closer to the sacred monsters of our football, such as Totti, Rivera, Baggio, even if this season he is still dry. Fabio confided in a long one interview exclusive to Sky Sport.

“I’m waiting for the goal, Samp needs it to save themselves”

Forty is an important number. The most difficult ones are the most important ones, those from outside the area, from midfield or from the heel, like the one against Napoli, have a special place. To score goals like this you need instinct above all, the attacker thrives on that. This year I’m waiting for the goal, Samp needs my goals to save themselves. I have to be decisive, this is one of my goals even at 40. I had an injury, I was out for 40 days during preparation and this affected the season. I hope to give my contribution and score as soon as possible, we need confidence in attack. There is still time and we must believe in it“.

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“We have to face this situation head-on and react”

“If I achieve personal satisfaction, it means I’m helping Sampdoria. The goal is to reach them as soon as possible. There are many young players in the group, we try to help them both on and off the pitch. It’s normal, helping them is like helping the whole system. I would like to relive my entire career, which I am proud of. I’ve had ups and downs, like everyone else. I am serene, this is the most important thing. I would have preferred to be in a more serene ranking position, but we have to face situations head-on. Before they kill us, we have to react.”

“I’d like to celebrate my salvation. Will I retire? I’ll decide later”

I would like to celebrate salvation here in Genoa. I haven’t decided yet futureI will talk about it in a few months. I’ll have to put everything on the table and decide at 360 degrees, I’ll do it in total autonomy. Now I only think about helping the team, which is in a complicated situation. We have crazy fans who always cheer us on, we have to treasure them to save ourselves.”

“Exceptional Samp fans, I’d like to give them another joy”

“What happened is to be condemned (bullet delivered to the club headquarters on Sunday, ed). Here people incite and protest, but in a civilized way. It is a single episode, because the fans are outstanding. As players we can’t say anything, they support us because they see how much we fight on the pitch. It’s a complicated situation, there have been dynamics that bring you down. I can only thank them, they never let us weigh errors and rankings and we would like give him a deserved joy”.

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“Naples beautiful and fun, but I don’t say that word…”

All jerseys weigh. A Napoli I felt the weight of my city, with the Juve you always have to win. I didn’t think about it, I just wanted to work, train and be ready. Same thing in the national team, I was looking for balance and I didn’t want conditioning. If you work well, you take the field with more serenity. Napoli turned out to be a beautiful reality, it’s nice to see, the team is strong thanks to a smart market. I don’t say that wordbut I would like to celebrate doubly, here too the salvation with Sampdoria”.

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