Home Sports The Sanmaurense again yields to Marnate and stops in the semifinals

The Sanmaurense again yields to Marnate and stops in the semifinals

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The Sanmaurense again yields to Marnate and stops in the semifinals

The people of Varese conquer the PalaRavizza with a show of strength. First half balanced, then the guests take off


Edimes Sanmaurense tries, but also falls in game 2 of the semifinal against Marnatese (68-92) and is forced to say goodbye to the playoffs.

After a hard-fought and high-scoring first half (44-40 at 20 ‘), the guests take off with a ballistic performance on the verge of perfection (10-31 the break in the third fraction), led by a stratospheric Arui (32 points ) and a shower of triples (16 total). On the other hand, the good performance of Bruciamonti, author of 11 points, is not enough for Sanmaurense.

Bruciamonti in evidence

The incipit is all of the guest brand with Marnate who plays at speed and immediately places a 3-9 break signed mostly by Arui and Azzimonti, while Edimes only achieves a triple with Poggi (3-9 at 3 ‘) . Azzimonti continues to be hot, the hosts find courage with the Infanti bomb and it is -1, but still Azzimonti, closely followed by Guidi, realize from beyond the arc for the external +7 (10-17). 4 points in a row by Pagetti, another 4 by Ragni and it is a draw, before Cattaneo brings him back with a basket and foul (21-22 at 10 ‘). Three bombs (two Bruciamonti, one Poggi) bring Edimes to +5 at 14 ‘(30-25), an advantage that increases up to +7, when Arui breaks the spell with a three-point game (36-32 17 ‘). In the final of the second fraction Arui allows his team to stay afloat (44-40 at 20 ‘). Upon returning to the field, the guests with a terrifying 9-0 run move forward, led by Arui, Guidi and Augusto (44-49 at 23 ‘).

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Edimes unlocks with Biraghi, but the usual Arui and Augusto, to whom Tiengo is added, continue to fly the Marnatese which reaches the maximum advantage (48-60 at 27 ‘). The referees do not whistle several contacts, Marnate does not get upset, creating a crazy triple on the siren of an incredible Arui (54-71 at 30 ‘). Arui’s golden period continues (5 more points in a row) and in fact the match is on ice (54-78 at 34 ‘): the last six minutes are pure “garbage time” and the coaches make extensive use of respective benches. The Marnatese deservedly wins and flies to the final. –

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