Home Sports The Scots applaud the tenacity of Benetton “We struggle outside, it’s a problem of the head”

The Scots applaud the tenacity of Benetton “We struggle outside, it’s a problem of the head”

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The defeat in Edinburgh ruins the plans for the top ranking Zuliani: “We aim for the playoffs, now we win away”


«Edinburgh continues the hunt for the record with a victory over a tenacious Benetton. The result may seem less aesthetically pleasing than the one on the Dragons six days earlier, but the quality of the opponent also has to do with it ». Herald Scotland honors the resistance of the Lions, who are doing what they can on certain minefields for now, that is, limiting the damage with decent performance. It is already something compared to the ruinous setbacks of the recent past, but it certainly cannot satisfy a team that knows how to do much better, even on the road. He is satisfied in part, lucky him, even coach Mike Blair: “We won with the bonus on a good Benetton, so we must be happy, but I don’t think we amused the public very much: the fans did not return home happy”. These are the problems of those who travel one step away from the record. Those of Treviso are others, always the same. And they can be summed up in one: good moments are not fully exploited. «Yes, actually we are a bit disappointed because we could have handled certain situations better – recognizes the third line of Castelfranco Manuel Zuliani – but we have no real regrets. We went there with the precise desire to win, but we made mistakes: during the week we will analyze what went well and what went less well ».

He also had the satisfaction of scoring a try.

«Obviously I’m happy to have succeeded, beyond the bitterness for the result: it will help me for morale».

Beyond the obvious difficulties you have away from home, what are you missing compared to when you play for Monigo?

«They are clearly different games, being better performing away from home is difficult, even if it doesn’t want to be an excuse. We have not always been this year this year and this is one of the points on which we will have to do better ».

Is there anything in particular to improve on?

«Well, in my opinion everything starts from the head, it’s something mental rather than technical. It depends on the determination with which we take the field: when you are at home with all the fans in your favor it is quite another thing. Also because compared to before we do all the trips in a single day, so it can also be a bit heavy. But as I said we don’t want to find excuses, Edinburgh at the moment is one of the strongest, very physical team. But Friday’s match showed that Benetton can bring home some good results. We are not yet at that level but we could get there ».

You had resumed playing after a month, now comes another stop: a calendar that is in fits and starts.

«Stopping is essential to recover from some ailment and also the energy after an expensive match and to be ready for the next one in Parma. We will also have time to study the Zebras better. There are breaks, of course, but we must never lose sight of our goal, which is to be ready to win games ».

Realistically, what are your goals in the URC?

«We can aim for the playoffs: it is clear that there is work to be done but as a team we believe we can do it. It is natural that we will have to start winning away from home, another issue on which to improve ». –

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