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The scream, then the apologies But also threats to the fan in the stands

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Vincenzo Signorotto says that at the time he was also threatened, that after having said that racist insult to Ousseyne Diedhiou he heard all the colors from the other spectators. Nobody put their hands on him and nobody, after the San Michele Salsa had decided to leave, said nothing to him. The situation also weighs on him, a 60-year-old entrepreneur who was a manager of Pievigina for many years, where he also committed himself economically to allow even black kids who could not make it economically to play football. He bought his shoes out of his own pocket, and not even he can explain how it was possible that that insult came out of his mouth. He knows he was wrong and immediately tried to apologize both to the insulted player and to the team, but without this being able to break through a too tense atmosphere behind such a sad triple whistle. He assures us that he has never said such things before and that he will never say anything again in the future, but that what he has done now he cannot undo it. Today the sports judge will put a point on the story: expected 0-3 at the table against San Michele Salsa, penalty point and one day of disqualification for Russo. But the referee’s report will be decisive.

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