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The secrets of breathing to improve sports performance

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The secrets of breathing to improve sports performance

A catwalk of champions, from the Olympians Filippo Magnini (swimming), Costanza di Camillo (synchronized swimming) and Valentina Marchei (figure skating on ice) to Laura Pirovano (skiing) and Stefano Figini (swimming fins): all together with the Boga Space of Milan, home of Action Agency, for the presentation of the new book by Mike Maric, doctor and coach of many Olympic medalists, “Breathing and high performance”, published by Calzetti & Mariucci with a preface by Giovanni Malagò, president of the Coni who sponsored. The presentation was moderated by volleyball player Rachele Sangiuliano.

Beyond the athletes present at the conference, the volume saw the participation of well-known names such as Arianna Errigo (fencing), Sara Cardin (karate), Cristina Chirichella (volleyball), Alessandro Fabian (triathlon) and Tiziano Pasquali (rugby), all followed by Maric, who interpreted the iconographic section. The afterword is by Alessandro Camagna, coach of Settebello, who connected from Budapest, where the World Waterpolo Championships. The evolution of modern sport has shifted attention to increasingly important details within a performance and the topic of breathing and freediving techniques has opened unimaginable horizons towards new training methods, so the author brings to the attention of a targeted path through breathing to improve performance both in mental and metabolic terms: from the management of anxiety, insomnia, concentration up to all exercises aimed at reducing oxygen consumption, managing breathlessness, recovery and optimization of training. «An important job that Mike Maric has been carrying out for years, developing the science of breathing as a fundamental element to support performance: his conclusions deserve careful reading to conquer tomorrow with new tools» writes Malagò in the preface.

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