Home Sports The self-confidence of the national football team is sometimes a double-edged sword. Li Tie still has a few cards to play.

The self-confidence of the national football team is sometimes a double-edged sword. Li Tie still has a few cards to play.

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Original title: The national football’s self-confidence is sometimes a double-edged sword. Li Tie still has a few cards to play

Article source: Tianjin Daily

Attack the enemy’s strength with one’s shortcomings

In this game, Li Tie made adjustments to the back line. Zhang Linpeng became the right back. Yu Dabao and Jiang Guangtai partnered with the center back for the first time. The left back was Wang Shenchao; midfielder Zhang Xizhe and Wu Xi were the midfielders, and Wu Xinghan and Jin Jingdao were separated. ; The forward line is Wu Lei and Exon. The Chinese team’s intention to dominate the game is very obvious. The opening stage did put some pressure on the opponent’s goal, but the experienced Australian team quickly reversed the passive situation by using simple play and speed. Looking back, the average age of the Chinese team is 29.1 years old, and the opponent is 27.4 years old. When the physical stamina is not dominant, it adopts a high-position press method. The ball possession rate of the Chinese team did not exceed 40% throughout the game.

In the 24th and 26th minutes, the opponent made two simple long passes. First, Mabir succeeded in two consecutive hits in the penalty area. Then Boyle scored a cold shot from outside the penalty area. The Chinese team once again encountered the “black three minutes”. The psychology suffered a great blow, the first half struggled to support and did not continue to lose the ball, the offense was impossible to talk about. After the intermission, the Chinese team made adjustments in the two positions of center defender and midfielder. Hao Junmin and Wang Gang appeared on the stage to replace Zhang Xizhe and Yu Dabao, but they still couldn’t get rid of the situation of being suppressed and crushed. , In the 71st minute, Mabeer shot with his right foot unmarked on the left side of the penalty area, Yan Junling blocked the ball, and Mu Yi, who had just come off the bench, scored a supplementary shot.

There is a possibility of misjudging the opponent

From the perspective of the media, it is needless to say that factors such as its own tension and the strength of its opponents need to be said. The reasons for the Chinese team’s failure are at least the following points. First of all, it should be a misjudgment of the Australian team’s tactical play. According to their offensive methods in the top 40, the Chinese team paid more attention to preventing “air bombing” in tactical design, and did not pay enough attention to its ground offensive capabilities. Except for the first one that was barely considered high-altitude homework, the other two goals were not tied to the header. Second, there is a lack of restrictions on the opponent’s core players in the frontcourt. Are the above two points related to insufficient pre-match intelligence collection and analysis and insufficient estimation of difficulties?

Furthermore, without a real defensive midfielder, it is easier for opponent offensive players to face the Chinese defenders. At the same time, the midfield lacks team players, and the offense is chaotic. There was a slight improvement after the second half of the substitution adjustment, but the confidence has been lost. Also, the notion of not keeping up with the opponent’s rhythm and full attack and defense is good, but the players’ ability is not up to the point. All three conceded goals occurred within a short period of time after the offensive and defensive transition. At the same time, there is a lack of training for high-quality warm-up matches. From a three-dimensional perspective, the Australian coach Arnold would rather shorten the training time and choose overseas players. It makes sense to wait for them to finish the league. The Australian players who have a game to play are obviously better than the Chinese players who have been resting for more than half a month. good. Finally, I have to say Li Tie’s on-the-spot command. After 15 minutes of the game and before the end of the half, the problem was already obvious and needed to be adjusted immediately, but he did not make a decisive move.

The top priority is to forget about the loss

The second round of the 12 finals was held on the 7th. The Chinese and Japanese teams that lost in the first round met. With only a short period of 5 days between the two games, the Chinese team is unlikely to make innovative changes. They can only forget the first round defeat, regroup, and strive to play their own characteristics in the game.

Technically and tactically, there is a lack of comparability between the Chinese and Japanese teams. Compared with the Chinese team continuing to sit in Doha and basically waiting for work, the Japanese team needs to go through a long-distance flight to overcome the effects of jet lag and weather, and its physical fitness and condition will somewhat decline. The Chinese team needs to magnify its only advantage. In addition, the Japanese players are not as tough as the Australian players. We don’t suffer from physical contact. If the tactical thinking is proper and the starting lineup is well-matched, they should be able to play more quality.

In another match in the first round of Group B, the Saudi team defeated the Vietnam team 3:1 at home. The latter temporarily ranked ahead of the Chinese team because of a goal. According to the prediction of the probabilities of qualifying for the top 12 matches released by We global football, an authoritative foreign football data agency, the Chinese team has a direct qualifying probability of 0.88%, the bottom of Group B, and the bottom of the top 12; the probability of entering the play-offs is 2.48%, and the bottom of the top 12. ; The probability of the Chinese team defeating the Japanese team in the second round is only 9%.

Li Tie still has a few cards to play

On the offensive end, Alan and Luo Guofu have not yet appeared. They both entered the 23-man squad of the Chinese team in the first round, indicating that the conditions for the game are already available. Li Tie did not let them appear on the stage. It is estimated that there are more important plans. In fact, one of the reasons for dissatisfaction with Li Tie on the Internet is that the naturalized players who have paid a lot of money are not used. I believe Li Tie has heard it. With Wu Lei being closely guarded by the teams, the forward line of the Chinese team should have a bolder idea of ​​employing people. Perhaps soon we will see a forward line composed of Alan, Exon and Luo Guofu.

The midfield defensive midfielder also includes Xu Xin, Chi Zhongguo, and Wang Shangyuan, who has been recruited into the team. Although it is still impossible to say that they will definitely help the team when they come on the field, adding a midfielder with a stronger ability to sweep can help. Defender line decompression. Li Tie came from a midfielder. He didn’t know the truth. It might be an attempt by him to put two technical midfielders in the match against the Australian team. He must believe in Li Tie’s self-correction ability.

Before the top 12 matches, most of the internationals interviewed will mention Li Tie instilling self-confidence in them. Self-confidence is sometimes a double-edged sword, and it might be backlashed. Strategically despise the opponent, and tactically value the opponent. The Chinese team must abandon their illusions in the following games and adopt a more pragmatic attitude to face each opponent.Return to Sohu to see more


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