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The self-proclaimed principality of Seborga (Liguria) claims independence from Italy

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The self-proclaimed principality of Seborga (Liguria) claims independence from Italy

Bordichera – The self-proclaimed Principality of Seborga, the small town behind Bordighera, which since the last century has claimed its independence from the Italian state, has issued a new identity card, which will be issued to citizens who have requested it, starting from from the next few weeks. The Council of the Crown waited today to present the new document, with a purely symbolic value, given that with the simultaneous voting of the new General Statutes, the registry of the Principality was also renewed. Out of 59 voters, the “Yes” were 54 (equal to 91.5%) and the “No” were 5 (for 8.5%). No blank cards or anything. «The new Statutes – declares Princess Nina Dobler – update the version of September 24, 1995 (at the time of Prince George I, ed). They have been rewritten from scratch and are now more structured, complete and precise, responding to the objectives of completing, defining and clarifying the various regulations, as well as more closely following the current institutional structure of the Principality ». The Statutes will be promulgated by decree by Princess Nina and will come into force from next June 1st. Among the most important innovations: the principles of neutrality, defense of state sovereignty and protection of private property are introduced. Catholic Christianity is the official religion of the state; Italian is the only official language of the state (abolished any possibility of bilingualism with French); the seborghino dialect is recognized and protected as a national language. The principality of Seborga also has a rich website (https://www.principatodiseborga.com) with photogallery, official documents, statute and real-time updates on its status as an independent state. …

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