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The Sims Scream: Excells in all internal rankings and is among the best in the league

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In just 23 ‘of average use, he boasts crazy numbers TvB in the meantime he waits to know if he plays with Lavrio on Wednesday


Waiting to know, today, if the Champions League match with Lavrio will be played on Wednesday or not, and the results of the two Serie A recoveries that are missing from TvB (in Bologna-Virtus and with Trieste), let’s take a look at this. which has statistically produced Nutribullett so far in the two national competitions in which it has been involved up to now (18 games), namely the Super Cup and the championship. It is immediately obvious that if Coach Menetti has a leader, he is undoubtedly called Henry Sims. In Treviso Basket he commands practically every ranking and is among the best at national level.

In 23 minutes, not so many for a starter, the area totem is billing 12.6 points, shooting with 52.6% from two, 48.1 (!) From three and 87.3 in free, as well as grabbing 8.4 rebounds. In the league he is first overall in defensive rebounds with 6.8 and third in defensive ones (8.8), second in free with 90%, fourth in evaluation (19.2) and fifth in total shots (52.2). Behind him is DeWayne Russell: in 27 ‘11.3 points, 42.6% from two (certainly improved), 39.5 from three (excellent), 78.8 from the line and 4.9 assists. In Italy he is second in recoveries (1.9) and fifth in free throws (86.8). Decreasing averages for Tomas Dimsa: in 25 ‘11.3 points with a modest 44.6% from two, a good 38 from three, an insufficient 72.7 from the line and 2.5 losses. The fourth in double digits in points is Giordano Bortolani (10.7 in 22 ‘) with 47.5% from two, 43.4 from three (maybe he could try more than 4.6 times) and 80.6 in free throws.

Let’s see the others: Michal Sokolowski, also for physical problems, is not performing as last year and his figures show it: in 25 ‘8.5 points (last season in 27’ closed at 12.8), 43.2% from two (46.1), 36.6 from three (44.4), 62.2 in free (87.5) and 3.3 carom (4.2). Nicola Akele in 23 ‘travels to 8 points with 71.2% from two (excellent, even if he does not reach 4 threes in the race), 31.3 from three, 70 in free throws and 4.6 rebounds. Let’s move on to Aaron Jones: as a “wingman” he is doing his duty. In 20 ‘6 points with 57.1% from two, 33.3 from three, 68% in free (little) and 4.2 rebounds. Who will have to do better, but we also know his vicissitudes, is Matteo Imbrò: in 12.6 ‘5.5 points, 29.4% from two, 34.1 from three, 88.9 from the line. Matteo Chillo in 14 ‘scores 4.1 points with 67.9% from two, 26.1 from three and 81.8 in the free. Finally Davide Casarin, a bit “disappeared” in the last few games: in 17 ‘3.3 points with 46.2% from two, 36.7 from three and 90% from a standstill. –

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