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The Six Nations of rugby concludes

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The Six Nations of rugby concludes

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The 129th edition of the Six Nations tournament has come to an end. On Saturday, the three matches of the last day are played one after the other. There is still everything to decide, from the winner to the wooden spoon, that is the last classified. There is a clear favorite to win, Ireland. Italy, on the other hand, needs an unlikely result to avoid the eighteenth wooden spoon, but it won’t depend only on its result. Who the standings on the last day.


Last week Italy failed to win the only game they had a good chance of doing so, against Wales, who won their first win of the tournament and left Italy in bottom place. There are now 4 points between the two national teams, the equivalent of a victory. To avoid another wooden spoon, and also another tournament concluded with the so-called “coat” (i.e. with only defeats), Italy can only win against Scotland in Edinburgh and hope that Wales does not win against France in Paris and does not even get the defensive bonus point in case of defeat by 7 or less points.

In the event of a tie, the order in the standings will be established by the difference in points, which for now sees Italy ahead -48 to -50. Therefore, depending on the results, Italy could also need the offensive bonus, i.e. winning with at least 4 goals scored.

Scotland, however, are massive favourites. They can no longer win the tournament after last week’s defeat by Ireland, but can still cap off a highly competitive Six Nations campaign. They are third in the table and with a win against Italy they could keep England in fourth after beating them in London on matchday one.

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To win the Six Nations for the second year in a row, France must absolutely beat Wales with the attacking bonus. In fact, with a win without bonuses, he would reach Ireland on 19 points, which however would remain ahead thanks to the better points difference (+66 against +46).

Wales are the clear underdogs but will have the small advantage of playing after Italy. In case of defeat or draw of the latter, he would already be certain of the penultimate place. Otherwise, even a defeat with no more than 7 points could be sufficient.


It is the match that in any case will decide the winner and the final classification of the Six Nations. It is played in Dublin, moreover on St. Patrick’s weekend, and with a victory achieved by any score, Ireland would win the Six Nations again after five years. Not only that: if he beats England he wins the tournament with the Grand Slam (ie having won them all) and gets the triple crowni.e. the recognition up for grabs between the four national teams of the British Isles which is awarded to those who beat all the others.

To achieve all of this, however, it will have to overcome its archrival, England, who are in the process of rebuilding and are not very competitive, but are still England. The possibility of denying a victory to Ireland, indeed in Dublin, is a big incentive. The English team is also asked for a reaction after the very heavy defeat (53-10) suffered last week at home against France.

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