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The smiles of Paola Egonu, she returned to Italy: “More excited than in Sanremo”

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The smiles of Paola Egonu, she returned to Italy: “More excited than in Sanremo”

Paola Egonu returns to Italy to play with True Volley Milanafter a year’s experience in Türkiye with the Vakifbank Istanbul: the opposite blue is thrilled to be back, even “more excited than in Sanremo“, he claims. The concept is very clear, she missed Italy: “It’s nice to go home”. The former player of Conegliano e Novara analyzes his change after the season abroad, crowned by the victory of Champions: “It was an interesting year of growth – she says – and I am proud of having had the courage to go and have this experience. I am more mature: I believe that few people get the chance to play for a club like the Vakifbank with strong girls as athletes and on a human level. It was an honor to work with Guidetti and the staff. Then as a person this adventure gave me lightness, it gave me so much”.

The most important news is the return of Egonu also with the National Italiancoached by the coach David Mazzanti. No Volleyball Nations League for her, since her teammates have already left: “The return is set just before the Europeans. I’ll do some pickups, but I’ll see you there. I don’t think I’m playing for the VNL, it hasn’t been confirmed yet.” The 24-year-old has chosen to play in Italy again, where it all started with the shirt Club Italy: “It all started in Milan. As well as winning, like other years, we aim to have fun, create a good group and have everyone’s support. A lot of boys and girls will fall in love with us and I hope they will want follow us“. Lastly, Egonu did not go too far on theseasonal goal with Vero Volley and did not pronounce the word “scudetto“: “The goal is there, but I’m not saying anything. See you on the pitch!” concluded the opposite.

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