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The speed of Benites and the inspiration of Laudoni Vigevano is already ready

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The speed of Benites and the inspiration of Laudoni Vigevano is already ready

The roster is completed: in the starting quintet for 2022-23 the confirmed Peroni and Mercante alongside three new faces


The market is not yet closed, but Elachem is already ready to face next season with a partially different set-up compared to the previous one. Not so much because the players have changed, since many have been confirmed, but rather because the newcomers are conditioning on the level of the game for their particular characteristics.

Starting with Alberto Benites, who will be the starting point guard and has returned from six championships at the helm of San Miniato, with which the ducals competed for first place in the standings until the end of the regular season. Benites notes Procacci, a director skilled above all at attacking iron, and will bring his speed and also his ability to organize the game under the Bramante tower. Born in 1997, Dominican origins, 182 centimeters tall, Benites is a player who makes speed his main trademark.

The other roles

In the hypothetical starting quintet (later it will be the field to establish hierarchies and choices) the guard role remains firmly in the hands of Michele Peroni, who has already proved his skills during the last year, while the small forward box will be occupied by a new entry, the whimsical ex Cividale Stefano Laudoni, a player whose skills and experience are well known; in the same role, let’s say for now a luxury reserve, there is also Lorenzo D’Alessandro, 199 centimeters, from Omnia Pavia. The big forward position could see a ballot between Jacopo Mercante and captain Filippo Rossi: the latter in the yellow and blue has already shown great versatility by covering all the roles, except that of pivot. The center of 2022-23 will undoubtedly be Giorgio Broglia, from Pesaro, born in 1986, from Rieti.

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Nourished the group of under that completes the staff available to coach Paolo Piazza: they range from the guard Giovanni Ragagnin, Cremona school, in the last two seasons in Agrigento, up to Kristofers Strautmanis, center-winger returning from experiences in Piadena and Lumezzane. The product of the Nicolò Tagliavini nursery has been confirmed and with him there will be Edoardo Pisati and Alessandro Nicola. which lengthen the list of the many Vigevanese who in recent years have had the opportunity to make their debut in cadetry. –

Andrea Ballone

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