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The sponsor of the Chinese Super League bears most of the expenses of each team or the total amount may reach 36 million – yqqlm

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The sponsor of the Chinese Super League bears most of the expenses of each team or the total amount may reach 36 million – yqqlm

Original title: The sponsors of the Chinese Super League bear most of the expenses of each team or the total amount of 36 million

As of the morning of May 30, the 18 teams that have qualified for the Chinese Super League in the new season are in addition to the Dalian People who were promoted to the Super League and the Guangzhou City team that failed to catch up with the scheduled flight due to the nucleic acid test time. The remaining 16 teams All have entered each division. Judging from the fact that a considerable number of teams entered the competition area according to the specified time, the vast majority of Chinese Super League clubs saved their participation expenses. A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that in order to support clubs and teams to tide over the difficulties together in the “difficult period”, the Chinese Football Association, the preparatory group of the Chinese Football Federation and the local cities of each competition area have done a lot of work in the preparation of the competition, and also provided funds to each team in terms of capital investment. Teams compete with real support.The “2022 Chinese Football Association Super League Regulations” just issued shows that in addition to the travel expenses of the competition, the expenses of food, accommodation, training, competition, epidemic prevention and security after entering the competition area are all borne by the organizers of the competition. This support provides a solid guarantee for the smooth operation of the league.

On May 29th, Hebei Cangzhou Lions and Shenzhen team officially entered the Meizhou Division of the Chinese Super League, and that night, the Hebei team also arrived in the Super League Division by high-speed rail from Bazhou. So far, a total of 16 teams have entered the three major divisions of the Chinese Super League in the new season. The Dalian team had to rush to the Haikou Division on June 1 because it was only confirmed late last week. The Guangzhou City team originally planned to take the flight to Haikou at 4:00 pm on May 29. The nucleic acid test delivery time for all staff did not meet the boarding requirements, and the travel had to be postponed.

It is worth noting that among the teams participating in the Chinese Super League in the new season, a considerable number of teams entered the competition area according to the requirement of “entering the competition area by May 29 at the latest”. Among the teams, Shenhua and Haigang from Shanghai went to Dalian as early as May 7th and 8th, and Beijing Guoan also arrived in Meizhou early. However, the early entry of these three teams into the competition area was mainly caused by the epidemic situation in Beijing and Shanghai. They must arrive in the competition city ahead of schedule in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations, and then undergo necessary medical isolation and observation.

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Among the remaining teams, as the defending champion team, Shandong Taishan team went to the Haikou Division as early as May 23. According to the reception method of the competition area, before each team officially enters the closed competition area, the expenses for living and training in the competition city are borne by the clubs themselves. Taishan team’s ability to go to the competition area in advance naturally also benefited from the stable and good operating environment and economic conditions of the club. A considerable number of teams were troubled by the financial crisis and delayed their entry into the competition area as much as possible, or even “stuck” into the competition area at the specified time node.

With the active communication and cooperation of the event organizers, cities in various competition areas and other relevant departments, the schedule of the new season of the Chinese Super League has finally been determined. But the practical difficulties faced by the club, including wage arrears and discipline violations, are still serious. Take the Hebei team as an example. Although five club members, including team leader Lang Zheng, head of the team’s medical team Shuangyin, and veteran Ding Haifeng, arrived in Dalian in advance to meet the needs of epidemic prevention as early as two weeks ago, before the team entered the competition area on the 29th, five people were in Local food, lodging, epidemic prevention testing and other expenses must be paid in advance by individuals. Although it was reported earlier that China Fortune Land Development Club confirmed to continue to operate the club after communicating with the relevant person in charge of Langfang City, the policy support promised by the relevant parties in Langfang City to China Fortune Fortune Land Development has not yet been implemented, and the club still has no new capital injection. The operation of the new season is still difficult, and even faces a huge crisis.

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And similar difficulties are not exclusive to the Hebei team. As someone from another southern club said, “The first step is to make sure to enter the competition area. What to do later can only depend on the situation…”

In fact, judging from the fact that the pre-season clubs at all levels were difficult to enter and the Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic Club withdrew from the Chinese Super League and gave up running the team, the challenges and difficulties faced by the Chinese Super League in the 2022 season may be far greater than those in previous seasons. . For various difficulties or potential crises, the Chinese Football Association and the Chinese Football Federation preparatory team, which are the organizers of the event, have actually made full estimates and response plans. In the process of preparing for the league, the organizers of the event also did their best to help the league “solve problems”. The level of support for the clubs to participate in the competition is also unprecedented.

Article 49 of the “2022 Chinese Football Association Super League Regulations” recently issued by the organizers to clubs provides a detailed explanation of the “Chinese Super League fees” for the new season. Among them, in addition to assuming and paying the overall organization expenses of the Chinese Super League, as well as the cost of food, lodging, transportation and allowances for Chinese Super League match supervision, referee supervision, and referees, the organizer will also allocate funds to the competition area for the competition, and pay for the rental of stadiums and training venues. Security costs. As for the club, it is only responsible for travel expenses and other possible expenses.

The Beiqing Daily reporter learned that according to the “rules”, each division of the Chinese Super League can undertake the reception task of up to 50 people per club in the Super League, and each club will be allocated 40 rooms (including 3 meals) in the division. In other words, the vast majority of members of each team (especially coaches and players) can enter the competition area according to the “one room per person” standard. During the game, all members of each team will be stationed in a closed environment. That is to say, all the food, housing, training and competition will be implemented in the closed competition area. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic, each team will also undergo necessary epidemic prevention tests during the competition, and epidemic prevention work such as environmental disinfection in the competition area must also be carried out strictly according to the requirements.

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In terms of training, after the 18 Chinese Super League teams enter the competition area, they will be allocated an independent training ground. Each team will select training venues in turn based on their league rankings in the previous season, with the higher ranking preferred. According to the regulations, the organizer of the event allows each team to use the training ground for free for 3 hours a day. If each team has other venue requirements, they must pay for it themselves. In addition, the meeting place of the resident hotel will also be open to each team, and each team can use it only by making an appointment in advance.

Although Dalian, Meizhou, and Haikou have some differences in the staff reception fees, in terms of “food, housing, transportation, training and competition venue rental, epidemic prevention, security and other related supporting services”, those who enter the competition area The average cost per person per day may reach RMB 1,000.

Taking the first stage of the Chinese Super League as an example, the competition starts on June 3 and ends on July 12, with a total of 40 days. So rough calculation, the total expenditure of the 18 teams during this period may reach 36 million yuan. Although the relevant expenses will be deducted from the organizer’s entry fee (the so-called “dividend”), the organizer can bear the various expenses incurred in the competition area for each team in advance when most clubs encounter economic difficulties, which is undoubtedly Alleviate the pressure on the clubs.

It should be noted that the Chinese Super League season and schedule can be determined, and it also benefits from the great help of the local cities in each competition area, and even made huge profits. For this, the Chinese Football Association and the Chinese Football Federation preparatory team also expressed their sincere gratitude to each division.

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