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The Taishan team’s training location is locked in Qingdao, Japan, Manatee, and three foreign players have been finalized_Season_Player_League

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The Taishan team’s training location is locked in Qingdao, Japan, Manatee, and three foreign players have been finalized_Season_Player_League

Original title: The Taishan team has locked the training location in Qingdao, Japan and has finalized three foreign players

According to the reporter from the New Yellow River client, the Taishan team will start overseas training at the end of this month, and the training location has been determined to be mainly in Japan.

This is the first time the Taishan team has resumed overseas training after 3 years. Previously, due to climate reasons, West Asia was the team’s main choice. If this plan goes well, the Taishan team will train in Japan for the first time before the start of the new season. This process has two main advantages. First of all, the transportation is convenient and the cost of education is low. On the other hand, the Japanese J-League has already started, the Taishan team can feel the Japanese football atmosphere, and the coaching staff can also prepare for the AFC Champions League.

It should be noted that the assistant coach Kurosaki Hisao, who has just terminated the contract with the Taishan team, is a senior coach of the J-League. After he left, the Taishan team was looking for a new assistant coach for Hao Wei. Judging from the current situation, the East Asian coach is still one of the main choices. Prior to this, the advance troops of the “Taishan” detachment had arrived in Japan, and relevant preparations were being carried out in an orderly manner.

The current Chinese Super League can be said to be as calm as water, and the current is endless. Although the preparations of each team are insufficient, everyone has their own “small goals” in the new season. For Shandong fans, the new season is expected to witness the excitement of the Qilu Derby again, but this time it is not Qingdao playing against Taishan, but another veteran team Qingdao Manatee.

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After returning to the Super League stage, Qingdao Manatee also made a lot of moves. In addition to reorganizing the coaching staff and Antonio as the head coach, they also made frequent signings. In terms of domestic support, Qingdao Manatee has signed players such as Ma Xingyu and Hu Dong. Du Wenxiang, Xiao Zhi, Hu Ming and other veterans are also loaned out, waiting for the team to make further transactions. In terms of foreign aid, Qingdao Manatee has completed a “big change” and has completed three players: Saric, Forbes and Kanggua.

From the overall situation, the three foreign aids introduced by Qingdao Manatee have all been adjusted for the team’s shortcomings. Although their average age is more than 30 years old, they have a wealth of playing experience and experience in multi-national leagues, which is an improvement for Qingdao. Manati’s ability to adapt to the Super League.

The 32-year-old Forbes also played for Wuhan Changjiang last season, scoring 12 goals in 30 games. Although in the end the Wuhan Yangtze River penalty shootout was relegated, and then bid farewell to Chinese football, Forbes proved his strength. Bosnia and Herzegovina international Saric, born in 1990, is the first foreign player officially announced by Qingdao Manatee. He has rich experience in the Asian arena and can play multiple positions in the midfield. As an Eastern European player, Saric is tactically disciplined. He is strong and able to effectively implement the tactics of the coaching staff. Zambian striker Kanggua is the new aid officially announced by the Manatees. He previously played for the Arsenal team representing Tula in the Russian First Division and became a free agent in January this year. In terms of technical characteristics, Kanggua has strong confrontation ability and can sit at the center. Before that, he also had some running and scoring ability. In the new season, the Chinese Super League will allow 5 players from each team to sign up for the competition. After the completion of the above three, Qingdao Manatee still has two foreign aid places. Generally, they choose more midfielders.

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In contrast, the Taishan community is currently facing a “difficult choice” for foreign aid. Including Delgado and Leonardo who are on loan, there are currently 7 foreign players whose contracts exceed those of the Chinese Super League. Registration Restrictions. Among them, Cresan, Sun Junhao and Moises are still the core of the team, and Judson can continue to play an important role if his physical condition improves. Among the other three, Delgado is likely to continue on loan. Leonardo, who played well in the K-League last season, can try to partner with Cresan. As for Fellaini, he may or may not stay. Its dynamics will directly determine whether the Taishan team will make adjustments to the foreign aid lineup.Return to Sohu to see more


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