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The Tesla model 3 is updated

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The Tesla model 3 is updated

The American house is working on the new Model 3, which will be “simpler” from a constructive point of view. The market release is expected in 2023

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The American house would be working on the new Tesla Model 3. Released in 2017, the Tesla Model 3 has become the best-selling global electric vehicle in the world, setting new benchmarks for effectiveness and efficiency. But time passes inexorably and if it is true that the American company has made progressive improvements to the car through Ota updates, the aesthetics have never changed in these five years.

highland project

As reported by the agency Reuterswhich cites sources close to the American company, Tesla would be working on an update of the Model 3 as part of a project called Highland. No information has been leaked on what the new Model 3 sedan will be like, however, it is easy to expect an update to the line, perhaps with the adoption of new headlights and taillights. But, according to sources, it is above all on interiors that the American house has decided to focus. The new Model 3 could therefore adopt an interior style similar to those of the new Model S, where there is a large horizontal screen and an aeronautical-style steering wheel. The electric powertrain will probably also be worked on, with an update in terms of efficiency and performance.

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According to sources, the new Tesla Model 3 should be produced in the Chinese plant in Shanghai and at the American plant in Fremont starting from the third quarter of 2023. One of Elon Musk’s worries has always been to simplify the design of a ‘car. And he succeeded very well with the Model 3, thanks to the introduction of large body pieces printed in a single larger unit through the Giga Press of the Italian Idra Group. In addition, the structural battery was also introduced with the Model 3. In practice, the battery pack is an integral part of the body, with the seats anchored directly above it. The goal of the project of the new Tesla Model 3 is just that, namely to further simplify the design so as to increase profits. Musk recently stated that the American company is trying to reduce costs through simplification and is working on a platform for small cars that should cost about half the Model 3. “We have found parts that are not needed. They have been inserted for safety or by mistake. We have eliminated many parts of a car that were useless”, Musk’s words in an interview at the conference Baron Funds at the beginning of the month. This approach is part of what has made Tesla the most profitable electric vehicle maker. In the third quarter, Tesla made a profit of just over $9,500 per car sold, compared to about $1,300 for Toyota, both companies said.

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