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The three captains and the C of volleyball that starts: “Tough championship but we are ready”

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The Sedico Giesse

Carlotta De Barba, Martina Mares and Elena Zannin present the strengths and weaknesses of the Sedico, Limana and Feltre sextets

C for captain. The women’s Serie C takes off tomorrow night. The province of Belluno fielded a very fierce trio: Sedico and Feltre in group A, Limana in group C. The sixteen-year-old Giesse made their debut at home, at 20 against Colombo. Home debut also for the Limanesi dell’Scp, at 20.30 against Aduna Padova. On the other hand, the Feltre rural bank will start away and will visit San Martino. The captains Elena Zannin, Martina Mares and Carlotta De Barba presented the season (only Sedico qualified for the round of 32 in the Coppa Veneto).


The team of the reconfirmed Giulio Carpene has kept the same framework. “We have not set ourselves a goal at the level of the standings,” he explains Elena Zannin, «If not to give the best in every game. We know that it will not be an easy championship given our young age, but we must be able to exploit this point and put all the energy and determination of us youngsters into it ». The Cup was a useful test. «It didn’t go in the best way, but it helped us to understand our strengths and the things where we still have to improve. The team hasn’t changed much since last year, but some younger girls have been added who in my opinion have a lot of room for growth ».

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«In the Cup matches we could have done something better and maybe even passed the round. In some we have played it », underlines the captain Martina Mares, «Moreover even with the team not always at the top. So we can be satisfied. Compared to last year the team has changed a lot, we have lost some important elements. It wasn’t easy but we rolled up our sleeves and already in the first matches we managed to play good volleyball, with the numbers we had ».

And we come to the objectives: «The goal is to make the young girls grow and make them gain experience. We are a beautiful group and certainly Damiano Ortolan is the right coach for such a young team. Expectations? Surely salvation, being able to do the best we can. It won’t be easy, we have to work a lot on some tactical and technical aspects, but I have a lot of faith in this team. We have excellent potential and many young people who can certainly grow ».


“I’m very ambitious for this season,” she explains Carlotta De Barba, «And already during the preparation, in August, I found a team that wants to aim high. We will all try to do our best. In my companions I always see the desire to grow and improve; I think this is mainly thanks to Josh De Salvador, our coach, who always encourages us and manages to make us grow both technically and emotionally. Our main objective is to be able to do better than last year, we came within a whisker of the playoffs so this year we are motivated to give more ».

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But what does De Barba expect? «Not an easy season. It will be tough especially in the return leg “, he underlines,” because it is above all the last matches that determine the final standings. In these weeks we are gathering all the energies and trying to create order in the game and in the tactics to be prepared for the first game already. Furthermore, we are all waiting for the recovery of the free Noemi Deon: she had an operation a month ago, but she is very determined to return to play. Already this week he started training so we hope for a speedy recovery to get all thirteen in super shape. In recent months I have seen a great leap in quality: technically we are more orderly and more aware, morally we are a little calmer and more gritty. I hope that we will be able to bring all this to the championship ». –

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