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The three-goal victory of the Guangzhou City team in the card position battle occupies a favorable position in the standings-Sports-中工网

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The three-goal victory of the Guangzhou City team in the card position battle occupies a favorable position in the standings-Sports-中工网

Original title: The Guangzhou team suffered a tragic reversal and relegation was at stake (quote)

The Guangzhou City team won a three-goal victory in the card position battle to occupy a favorable position in the standings (theme)

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Su Yun

The 32nd round of the Chinese Super League in the 2022 season will start on December 23. The relegation battle has entered the bayonet stage. The teams have different fighting spirits. Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the situation in this round has become more complicated. In the end, in several key relegation battles, the Guangzhou City Team and Wuhan Changjiang won successively, but the Guangzhou Team suffered a tragic reversal. From the analysis of the remaining schedule, the Guangzhou City team has the initiative to relegation.

Guangzhou City continue to escape the relegation zone

In the remaining three rounds of the league, each game has a great impact on the final result of relegation, so several games related to relegation in this round will be played at the same time.

In the match between the Guangzhou City team and the Hebei team, due to the large difference in strength and fighting spirit between the two sides, the suspense is the least. Guangzhou City ushered in two draws after a seven-game losing streak, and temporarily escaped the relegation zone with a slight advantage before the game. In order to succeed in relegation, the team has been very cautious during this period. Before the third round of the FA Cup, the team sent a substitute lineup to play. The core players and main rotation players stayed in the Jinjiang base camp to implement closed management. The purpose is to try to use a healthy and complete lineup. Get three points. In this round, they challenged with double foreign aid.

The Hebei team was relegated seven rounds ahead of schedule and missed the Super League next season. A few days ago, because the visa was about to expire, the head coach Kim Jong-fu left Haikou to return to South Korea. Except for the two main players who went to Jinjiang from Haikou, the rest of the players were temporarily recruited from all over the country, and 9 of them were U19 players.

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The game was also one-sided as expected. Chang Feiya broke the deadlock for Guangzhou City in the 15th minute, and then Song Wenjie scored with a header in the 20th minute. Guilherme scored twice in the 56th and 83rd minutes. However, in the 51st minute, the Hebei team was single-handedly pulled back by Yang Yixuan, which showed that the defense line of the Guangzhou City team was not solid. The final score of 4 to 1, the audience’s 19 to 6, 7 to 2 shooting ratio and shooting ratio also truly reflected the strength gap between the two teams.

After the game, the head coach of the Guangzhou City team, Li Weifeng, said that this victory is very important to the team, and the health of the team is what worries him the most. “We still have to play the last two games well. It is not clear what the situation will be like tomorrow. I was a little scared when I got up this morning. The team doctor told me that one or two players had symptoms of fever and cough. I hope the team doctor won’t look for me when I wake up tomorrow.”

The epidemic has affected many games

In the remaining two relegation battles, the Guangzhou team sent U23 players to face Beijing Guoan. Although the two core players Wei Shihao and Yang Liyu entered the bench, they were affected by their physical conditions and did not play.

The Guangzhou team took the lead with Ling Jie’s penalty kick in the 9th minute, but the situation was completely controlled by Beijing Guoan. Yan Yu equalized the score with a header in the 32nd minute. Duan Dezhi made Zhang Jianzhi’s own goal in the 34th minute. Minutes helped Beijing Guoan expand its advantage. Although Guoan teenager Tian Yuda ended in red in the 76th minute, the Guangzhou team still failed to reverse the situation and lost 1-3. This also led to the team only accumulating 17 points after 19 rounds without a win, and slipped to the penultimate position in the standings.

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After the game, Fu Bo, the technical director of the Guangzhou team, revealed that some players in the team had just returned from the U21 game and were relatively tired. Although the young players temporarily took the lead in key games, they were inexperienced and their performance was still a bit restrained. He admitted frankly that the current relegation situation is getting more and more serious, but he will insist on playing well in the next two games.

In the match between Wuhan Yangtze River and the Dalianers, the Dalianers were affected by the epidemic, many players were unable to play, and the lineup could only undergo a large rotation. There were as many as 7 U23 players in the starting lineup, some of them were urgently recruited from the U19 echelon. Xiang Chuang, Lin Liangming, Wu Yan, Fei Yu and many other main players were all absent. As a result, Wuhan Changjiang has an absolute advantage in the competition. In the first half, Chen Yuhao scored and Forbes scored another goal. In the second half, Li Peng made a header. In the end, Wuhan Changjiang defeated the Dalian native 3-0.

In addition, in a game that had nothing to do with the relegation situation, Meizhou Hakka defeated Changchun Yatai 1-0.

Guangzhou team’s relegation situation is critical

After this round, the relegation situation has changed. At present, the Guangzhou City team ranks fourth from the bottom with 20 points, Wuhan Changjiang has risen to the third from the bottom with 19 points, the Guangzhou team has slipped to the second from the bottom with 17 points, and the Hebei team continues to be at the bottom.

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Judging from the remaining two rounds of the schedule, the Guangzhou City team is in the best position. First, it will play an away game against the currently disorganized Shenzhen team, and then a home game against the Cangzhou Lions. Both opponents have no desires. Wuhan Yangtze River will challenge the Chengdu team and the Zhejiang team in two rounds. Both teams have the possibility of hitting the AFC Champions League. The Guangzhou team needs to play against Changchun Yatai at home and Meizhou Hakka away. The opponents are also of the type of wanting nothing.

Judging from the relationship between the three teams, Wuhan Changjiang has the advantage, while the Guangzhou City team has 1 win and 1 tie against the Guangzhou team. The Guangzhou team is at a disadvantage in the relationship between the two teams.

In addition, the epidemic has become another destabilizing factor that disrupts the situation. Many teams in this round were affected by the epidemic. For example, the Shenzhen team and the Tianjin team had to give up this round because they could not get enough healthy players. Their opponents Henan and Zhejiang benefited from this and were sentenced to 3 games 0 wins. In the next two rounds of the league, it is unknown whether the teams will be affected by the epidemic and reduce their staff.

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