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“The title? Welcome to Europe There will be a great lesson “

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Coach Menetti satisfied after the great test of courage of his Russells: “The impact in defense was important, it gave us strength and energy”


Coach Menetti points out what the approach to the European cups means: «We had a too soft approach in the first two quarters, we didn’t understand the spirit of the competition well and we played really too soft. Then we were also lucky in the second half of the game, we made a hyper effort to get back into the game and it went well, but it won’t always be like this. This victory must be a great lesson for us. We thought we were in the Italian league and we believed the match would be easier. Instead I gave the boys the example of the match against the Bears. Riga is a great team and the match we had to expect was that, of great intensity, with no breaks or discounts. This is the change of mentality that we must make, there is no room for errors. For the first two quarters we looked in the mirror, it can be because we are new, freshmen of the competition. We took a risk and it would have been a shame because we are in an excellent condition ».

Five men in double figures, another excellent evening: «Everyone is the protagonist, and the five who enter the field have their strengths and weaknesses from time to time. We are learning to value the strengths of each player, sometimes we get lost in some details, but the path is the right one. We did not understand the refereeing yardstick, which was applied correctly, but which we did not know how to ride. Riga has been able to take us out of our favorite areas on an offensive level, we have left them a little too much freedom in the perimeter shot. In the end I also tried the solution with the two centers. At that moment Jones’s physicality and athleticism did us a lot of good, while Sims was put in rhythm by his teammates. He too will have to get used to European defenses ».

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DeWayne Russell was also satisfied, 11 points in 34 minutes: «Yes, the start was difficult, then we played hard and we came out in the second half of the game. The impact on defense was very important, which gave us strength and energy. We did well to play as a team, united ». –

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