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The top 12 women’s Asian Cup results in the Chinese team ranked second

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The top 12 women’s Asian Cup results in the Chinese team ranked second

News from our newspaper (Reporter Xiao Zhe) As the Chinese Taipei Women’s Football Team and the Myanmar Women’s Football Team both won and secured the top spot in their respective groups, the 20th Women’s Asian Cup qualifiers died down, and the top 12 players in the final stage were born. The AFC plans to hold a draw for the finals on October 28th. The teams participating in the 20th Women’s Asian Cup qualifiers are divided into 8 groups, of which 6 groups have ended in the International Match Day cycle in September this year. The competitions of Group A and Group D are scheduled to take place during the International Competition Day cycle in October. Group A will be played in Bahrain and Group D will be played in Kyrgyzstan.

In Group A, the Chinese Taipei team defeated the Laos team 4-0 in the first round, and then beat the Bahrain team 2-0 on the 24th. In this way, the Chinese Taipei team won the first place in the group with a two-game winning streak, thus obtaining tickets to the final stage. This is the first time the team has entered the final stage of the Women’s Asian Cup since 2008.

In the D group match, the Myanmar women were able to win the Lebanon team and the Guam team by 4-0 and 8-0 respectively. In the final round of the competition on the 24th, they won the UAE women’s team 2-0 and won with three consecutive victories. The group ranked first and entered the final stage.

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At this point, the 20th Women’s Asian Cup qualifiers are all over. The top 8 teams, the top 3 teams in the previous Women’s Asian Cup, Japan, Australia, China, and the host India, a total of 12 teams are included in the plan. The finals will be played in India early next year.

The AFC confirmed that the draw for the finals of the Women’s Asian Cup will be held on the 28th of this month. According to the results of the previous tournament, the host India team will become the seeded team with the top two teams of the previous season, Japan and Australia; the Chinese team will become the second-tier team with Thailand and South Korea; the Philippines, Vietnam and China Taipei will be the third team; Myanmar, Iran and Indonesia will be the fourth team.


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