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The true leader of Zhejiang!In the final quarter, Wu Qian scored 10 points and led the team to reverse with an elbow injury_Shandong_Game_Foul

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The true leader of Zhejiang!In the final quarter, Wu Qian scored 10 points and led the team to reverse with an elbow injury_Shandong_Game_Foul

Original title: The true leader of Zhejiang!He scored 10 points alone in the final quarter, Wu Qian injured his elbow and led the team to reverse

Source of data map: Xinhua News Agency

On October 28th, the 22-23 season CBA league continued the eighth round of competition. The match between Zhejiang team and Shandong team started at 15:30 Beijing time. The two teams that have undergone coaching changes in the offseason have performed well in the first stage of this season, playing the basketball style of the new coach. Zhejiang team leads the standings with 7 wins, and Shandong team also won 5 wins and 2. Negative good grades.

In this game, the Shandong team maintained the lead for most of the time. The Zhejiang team relied on the scores of Wu Qian and Wang Zi to overtake in the last minute. In the end, Gary scored a 3-point lore. The Zhejiang team won 108-106 and won 8 consecutive games. win.

Wu Qian became a key player in the team’s victory. Wu Qian, who only scored 7 points in the first three quarters, scored 10 points in the final quarter, and scored 17 points, 6 assists, 3 rebounds and 3 steals. Objectively speaking, Wu Qian didn’t feel very good in this game. He only made 1 of 7 three-pointers, and the three-point shooting rate was a dismal 14.3%. However, Wu Qian changed his strategy in time, using more breakthroughs to cause damage, and even made a steady six free throws from the free throw line.

In the middle of the first quarter, Wu Qian replaced Cheng Shuipeng, and when the two teams tied at 18, Wu Qian hit the iconic three-pointer. At the end of the first quarter, Wu Qian took control of the ball and passed it directly to Revkatijiang who was under the basket. Revkatijiang ate Koranbek and scored a layup.

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Gao Shiyan often took on the task of defending Wu Qian alone when he was in the Liaoning team. In a playoff series between the Liaoning team and the Zhejiang team, Gao Shiyan was fouled defending Wu Qian. Gao Shiyan put his hands behind his back and used the posture of a speed skater. Defending Wu Qian has become a classic memory in the CBA league. But fans who want to see the two face off again in this game may be a little disappointed, because Gao Shiyan and Wu Qian have very little confrontation today, and neither is in the best condition.

In the second quarter, Koranbek broke the ball and wanted to give it to Rochester, but was cut off by Wu Qian, who counterattacked and scored one-stop. Since then, the situation has changed, and the Shandong team has begun to take the initiative on the field. The offensive efficiency of the Zhejiang team was greatly reduced. In the last attack of the second quarter, the Shandong team failed to control the time well, leaving 3 seconds for the Zhejiang team. Wu Qian quickly moved forward, and after catching the ball, he scored a steady layup when there were chasing soldiers behind. Wu Qian scored 7 points and 4 assists in the first half.

The characteristics of Zhejiang team’s three-pointers in the first half were not played, and they lost more rebounds. They were repeatedly beaten by Shandong team as defensive counterattacks. The Zhejiang team lost 13 points in the second quarter. There is no effective defense for Tao Hanlin’s strong point, and Tao Hanlin acts as a fulcrum on the inside, sending good balls to his teammates many times.

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Wu Qian missed another three-pointer in the third quarter. During a pass to Liu Zeyi, Wu Qian’s pass was stolen by the opponent, resulting in a mistake. With 5 minutes left, Wu Qian made an opponent’s foul, but he was asked by the referee to go off the court because of a bleeding elbow. Cheng Shuipeng was ordered to make a free throw. After Wu Qian got off the field and dealt with it urgently, he returned to the arena to fight. Because Wu Qian is relatively thin and is the core of the team’s attack, he has many classic battles with injuries.

In the last quarter, the Zhejiang team leaked during the night of rain. Cheng Shuipeng complained loudly to the referee, received a technical foul, and was expelled from the game. The Zhejiang team’s bench also received a technical foul. With 4 minutes left, Wu Qian completed a key steal, pushed back from the right, missed a layup, but made a foul by Chen Peidong and made two free throws. In the next round, Gary pushed back, Wu Qian quickly went down, Gary’s pass was a little too big, and Wu Qian adjusted his center of gravity to move the ball up in a rather awkward position with the ball. Relying on Wu Qian’s 4 points in a row, the difference was reduced to 5 points.

In the last minute, Wu Qian held the ball and walked strongly in the middle. He scored a layup and caused a foul. Wu Qian withstood the huge pressure and made a steady penalty, chasing the point difference to 1 point. It laid the foundation for Gary’s 3-point quasi-lore in the end. In the past, many fans questioned that Wu Qian’s ability to lead the team was not strong, and his leadership role was not obvious. But in this game, Wu Qian used his outstanding performance to prove that he has always been the true leader of the local players of the Zhejiang team. (sword wind hits face)Return to Sohu, see more

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