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The two cores of the Suns talk about the boss incident Paul: Focus on basketball and do what we should do_Booker

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Original title: The two cores of the Sun talk about the boss incident. Paul: Focus on basketball and do what we should do

News from November 6, Beijing time, according to yesterday’s report, the NBA officially announced that the league is investigating the behavior of Phoenix Suns owner Robert Savor, who has serious racial discrimination and misogyny. The leaders of the Suns-Chris Paul and Devin Booker-emphasized that they will focus on basketball before awaiting the conclusion of the NBA’s investigation into boss Robert Savor’s misconduct.

“I think we are a closely united team,” Suns star Devin Booker said in an interview. “Of course we will discuss this issue, but like Chris Paul said, we are still today. To play, we still have to play a game. We have to focus on basketball and I think things will be handled the way they should.”

Booker, Paul and coach Monty Williams all acknowledged the seriousness and sensitivity of the allegations against Savor, but emphasized the need to be patient during the league’s investigation. Booker, a 7-year veteran, spent his entire career with the Suns and is the longest active player with the team. Booker said he did not see any racism or misogyny in Savor.

“I have not noticed this in the 7 years I have been here, but it does not mean that I am insensitive to this topic. I think the NBA league has launched an investigation and they will do their duty and find out the truth instead of ‘ He said,’I believe the NBA will handle it very well.’ Booker said.

At the same time, Booker also said that the Suns will follow in the footsteps of coach Monty Williams, and that the latter is the perfect candidate to guide the team in the chaos. “He (Monty Williams) is the best in this area-manages, controls the locker room-to keep everyone focused on moving forward. This is what he did to our team, and we have discussed it as a team We will follow him, continue to play hard for him, and win the game.” Booker said.

In Paul’s career, this is the second time his team’s owner has become the subject of major controversy. In 2014, former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was banned for life by the NBA and forced to sell the team because the recording of racially discriminatory remarks was made public.

“I think the situation is different,” Paul said. “We dealt with this issue when this happened. I think now, as Booker said, we are sensitive to everything other people say, but we are not Know all the details. So the NBA will investigate this, and everyone on our team will continue to play and do what we should do.”

Paul also emphasized the importance of keeping the Suns “closed” and “playing hard for each other” while avoiding getting involved in controversial conversations. “I have experienced some situations in the league. The league will investigate these things, but I think the most important thing I have learned over the years is that we, as a team, must communicate. This is what others say and what others tell you to do. What or what you should do has nothing to do. It has to do with how we feel as a team, an organization, and everyone in the organization.” Paul continued. (Morning)Return to Sohu to see more


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