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The upset Bayern Munich 0:5 defeated the German Cup in disgrace and out of Borussia Borussia | Bayern Munich | Gladbach | Bundesliga

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[Epoch Times October 28, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Xia Qiao reported) On October 27, German time, the second round of the German Cup was held. Mönchengladbach defeated the Bundesliga giant Bayern Munich 5-0 at home, breaking out a shocking upset.

Bayern Munich (Bayern) is the undisputed overlord of German football clubs. They have won nine consecutive league championships, and their dominance in Germany has reached its peak in recent years. Ranked first in the Bundesliga this season, he scored a staggering 33 goals in 7 rounds; the Champions League also won 3 games and scored 12 goals and conceded 0 goals.

On the other hand, the Monchengladbach team (Mencheng) is currently ranked only 12th in the Bundesliga. Although Borussia is playing at home this time, and during the past two years, Borussia has not fallen behind against Bayern. In the last five official games, Borussia has achieved 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses, but there are very few results. Some people would think that Borussia Borussia will cause too much trouble for Bayern in this German Cup game.

However, just two minutes into the game, Borussia Borussia gave Bayern a disarm. Bayern full-back Davis made a mistake in the backcourt. After getting the ball from the middle of the field, the player from Munchen, Cone, went straight to Embolo in the penalty area. Embolo tried to break through Bayern central defender Yupamecano (Yupa)’s defense. The accidental hit and collision returned to the foot of Kone who had penetrated into the penalty area. Kone easily pushed and scored, and Borussia had a 1:0 lead.

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In the 14th minute, Borussia Borussia played a subtle coordination on the right, three passes and two guides tore Bayern’s defense. Hoffman made a grounding pass from the right, and Ben Sebene, who was unmarked in the penalty area, scored easily. In the 20th minute, Mönchen passed the ball from the left into the penalty area. Bayern defender Lucas failed to kick the ball far and knocked down Embolo in the process of stealing the ball. The referee decisively awarded a penalty kick. Ben Sebeni made a free throw. In the first half, Borussia had a 3-0 lead over Bayern.

During the intermission, many fans must be looking forward to Bayern’s Jedi counterattack. However, in the 51st minute of the second half, Borussia Borussia completely shattered the fantasies of Bayern fans. Born with a big foot in the backcourt, the ball flew in the direction of Bayern’s goal. There was no threat to the ball. Bayern defender Yupa and Lucas had a communication error and failed to handle the ball in time. Instead, the ball was quickly rushed. Embolo got it, kicked the goal decisively in the penalty area, and the score expanded to 4:0.

The Bayern centre-back combination of Yupa and Lucas’ performance in this game was a nightmare. (INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images)

Five minutes later, Bayern was hit again. Bayern was about to launch a counterattack, Koeman failed to pass the ball under the interference of the opponent’s defense, and the ball fell at the feet of Borussia defender Elvidi. Elvidi found Embolo through straight, and Embolo waded forward to avoid Paval’s defense, facing goalkeeper Neuer, and easily shot from the far corner to succeed. Bayern’s entire defense in this game is like sleepwalking, and in the end they can only swallow the bitter fruit of a five-goal defeat in the away game.

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After the match, the players from Borussia Borussia thanked the fans. (Lars Baron/Getty Images)

After losing the game, Bayern’s trip to the German Cup also came to an end. The last time Bayern lost 5 goals in a single game dates back to December 1978, when they lost 1:7 to Düsseldorf in the Bundesliga. Such a fiasco is of course accidental, but it is undoubtedly a wake-up call for Bayern, who is aspiring to the Champions League.

Bayern starting: 1- Neuer, 2- Yupamecano (55′-Jule), 5-Paval, 21-Lucas, 19-Davis (55′-Koman), 6 Kimmich, 8-Gretzka (63′-Toliso), 7-Gnabry (66′-Stanisic), 10-Sane, 25-Müller, 9-Lewan

Starting from Monchen: 1-Sommer, 15-Bayer (55′-Luca-Nets), 30-Ervidi, 28-Gentle, 25-Ben Sebeni, 17-Kone, 8 -Zakaria, 29-Scali (68′-Hellmann), 13-Stinder (68′-Plea), 23-Hoffman (73′-Neuhaus), 36 -Embolo (73′-Thuram).

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