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The US deported Venezuelan ex-MLB player Felipe Vázquez

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The US deported Venezuelan ex-MLB player Felipe Vázquez

Former MLB player Felipe Vazquez, formerly known as Felipe Rivero, was deported to his home country of Venezuela on Thursday, December 7. The 32-year-old was found guilty of illegal contact with a minor in 2017 while playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was also accused of 10 other related crimes and was sentenced to two years in prison. Following his sentence, a judge ordered his expulsion to Venezuela.

““The removal of Rivero Blanco demonstrates ERO Philadelphia’s commitment to protecting the American people from predators, regardless of their personality or public status,” said Cammilla Wamsley, director of the ERO Philadelphia field office.

Having served his time in the United States, Vazquez was expelled by the ERO Field Management and the Ohio Department of Justice. In November 2021, ERO Philadelphia met with Vazquez at the Pennsylvania State Correctional Institute and presented a notice of immigration detention action. Vazquez and his legal team decided not to appeal the entity’s decision, and now the decision lies with the Venezuelan authorities.

In theory, Vazquez will arrive in Venezuela as a free man, but there are still expectations surrounding this deportation.

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