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“The Var? There are superior reasons…”- breaking latest news

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“The Var?  There are superior reasons…”- breaking latest news
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The television presenter, who has always been an Inter fan, commented on the controversy over Kostic’s goal, which decided Inter-Juventus

To the many controversies post Inter-Juventus
with the Nerazzurri furious over Kostic’s decisive goal spoiled by a possible touch with Rabiot’s arm, there are also those of Paul Bonolis. The television presenter, who has always been an Inter fan, analyzed what happened: «Even if there is little to analyze – he immediately specified to the microphones of FC Inter 1908 – we all saw what happened. It is history repeating itself, there is someone who has to walk alone and someone else who can walk with help. Always the same movie, even a little boring. But what have they seen in all that time at the Var? They were probably looking for a reason to be able to say what they later said. It took some time to find it. They are happy…”

«With certain deceptions everything becomes unreasonable»

More than someone argued that the right images were missing to establish Rabiot’s hand ball with certainty: “Come on, let’s not joke – continued Bonolis – there was a very clear image, then they didn’t broadcast it anymore”. Simone Inzaghi asked about the referee class: «But there’s none worse deaf than those who don’t want to hear. If there are reasons greater than yours, everything dies there».

Even Allegri did not stand by and, again after the match, urged everyone not to talk about the refereeing decisions any more (“They must be accepted, otherwise it is you who feed the bad faith”, the words of the Livorno player), an invitation that Bonolis refers to sender: «No one ever admits anything, it’s useless to waste time on it, they deny the evidence. Everyone sees it as it suits them best. Football is made up of deceptions: feints, movements. Everything is done to deceive the opponent. But if other types of deceptions are added to these, everything becomes unreasonable.

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