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The vertical strip that protects devices from overloads

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The vertical strip that protects devices from overloads

One of the things that is not usually missing in a home and especially in our workplace are the power strips. Essential for plugging multiple devices at the same time into a single outlet, such as a computer, mobile phone, screens…

However, the conventional power strips They usually have some drawbacks: they create a mess of cables and can cause overheating in electronic devices.

If you are tired of having power strips taking up your entire workspace, now is a great time to change them for vertical stripslike this brand model TESSAN, with 8 AC and 3 USB outlets and overload protection.

Vertical power strip with 8 outlets, 3 USB and overload protection

This tower of sockets will help you save a lot of space and keep cables organized. It remains in an upright position that has 8 sockets and 3 ports from USB A.

It is very compact for the large amount of equipment that you can plug in at the same time. Perfect for the office, home, dorm or university.

Protect your devices from overvoltage

The TESSAN power strip has surge protection: Higher energy absorption capacity of 1700J. Protects electronic devices from sudden surges and spikes, even during thunderstorms. Power strips have a 3600W maximum power.

Besides, it has a switchto turn it off and on, so you don’t have to unplug the tower completely when you stop using it.

The length of cable is 2 meters, more than enough to get anywhere. It incorporates a non-slip square base.

What do users think?

Con more than 2,700 reviewshas an excellent average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Users highlight the compact design and space savings in their workplaces.

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As is the case with Josep, who comments: “It adapts perfectly to narrow spaces or areas with space limitations. In addition, its modern and elegant design makes it fit harmoniously into any environment. With multiple plugs available, I can charge and power several electronic devices and appliances at the same time without any problem. Since I don’t have to look for additional adapters or worry about missing sockets.”

Bruno highlights: “Great product, it never gets hot. It’s very practical, I’ve been using it for weeks and it works great for me.”

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