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The virus is rampant, chaos in Serie A It is the ASL that decides the ranking

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The alarm has become reality: four matches are missing today due to Covid For Turin and Udinese, the stop is also scheduled for next Sunday’s matches

False start: who plays? The Italian championship has fallen into chaos. An unexpected chaos, but not so unpredictable given that the virus has been circulating for two years and has already begun to spread dangerously for some time. Instead, only today the Serie A seems to have woken up and discovered that they have not developed the adequate antibodies to fight it.

And so, Covid is putting the system in difficulty by also taking advantage of the disparity of views not only between the League and the various ASLs, but also between the same state bodies located throughout the country, which have the last word. This, however, would be the time for a common line to fight the same battle, not for opposing thoughts and solutions. The usual Italian mess therefore and to pay for it is the championship, which a few hours after the start of the second round does not yet know the number of departures that can be played. However, on the other hand, he already knows those stops for public health reasons and which will have to be recovered, going in some cases to clog a calendar already under stress. One problem at a time.

Thus, after Salernitana-Venezia, already missed the day before yesterday due to the 11 infected among the Campania, the second team to have been blocked is Turin. Juric’s group should have played against Atalanta. Instead he was placed in mandatory home quarantine by the ASL, the “bubble” is no longer enough. A decision that prevented the departure for Bergamo. Therefore, there is no challenge between the student and the teacher. For now, only the virus has won: the positives that Toro has accumulated since he resumed training at Philadelphia last December 29 have increased, except once, after each verification. Even in yesterday’s, the most important: a new case was detected that forced the ASL to intervene drastically.

In Toro, the Coronavirus outbreak is now confirmed: in all, 8 registered members have become affected, 6 are players. It is a film already seen 12 months ago before in the match against Lazio due to the positivity of 10 elements. The match was finally played before the last day, after the legal battle won by the grenade in court that did not grant the 3-0 (Lotito’s request), but recognized the cause of “force majeure”. This time, taking into account Atalanta’s extra-league commitments, he could recover already this month also because there will be two challenges to be rescheduled. In fact, the ASL device requires the grenade to be isolated for five days starting yesterday, meaning that the ban will fall after the match scheduled at the Grande Torino against Fiorentina. So the Bull, but he is in good company, will miss two matches.

Late yesterday the stop also arrived for Fiorentina-Udinese and Bologna-Inter. The decision is almost taken for granted as regards the Friulians, overwhelmed by 9 cases, who had already canceled the charter flight planned from Trieste even before the intervention of the ASL. While at the last moment the match scheduled at Dall’Ara also ended up on the blacklist, given that Mihajlovic’s team doubled the number of infected in a few hours: now there are 8.

“There are no conditions to play”, the thought of the local company just as the extraordinary assembly of the League reaffirmed the decision to still want to play the whole day. It’s still wall to wall. At the state of the art, the least risky matches are Sampdoria-Cagliari, Lazio-Empoli and Sassuolo-Genoa. Last buffers and local health authorities, permitting. –

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