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The Volpianese fights but comes out with broken bones from the hard confrontation with Bra

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Volpianese comes out with broken bones on the fifth day of group A of B1 women. The formation of coach Stefano Andreotti is beaten in front of the public friend of the Pala Unità d’Italia of Volpiano 1-3 by the Cuneo area of ​​the Bra, after a very hard-fought match, with the exception of the third set, which ended in favor with full merit of the Bra .

Coach Andreotti sends Bazzarone to dribble, Tessari and Valentina King of the band, Bruno and Neffati in the center, Giorgia Andreotti on the opposite and Ghirotto free. In the first set the match is point by point until 22-22. In the final, however, the Bra is more concrete and manages to bring home the 22-25 victory.

The Volpianese, however, makes up for it in the second set, thanks to a better attack phase under the net; the Bra, however, does not retreat an inch and so the challenge goes to the advantages and to smile it is the Volpianese who wins 28-26. In the third fraction, however, nothing works for the hosts, neither in attack, nor in defense and reception and so the Cuneo people take advantage of it by playing the game and going to win easily 15-25.

As happened in the second fraction, the Volpianese reacts in the fourth set, fighting point to point. Both teams in this fraction try to make the decisive break, but none succeeds and so this partial also goes to the advantages, but this time it is Bra who wins 24-26 and, more importantly, takes away the three points to Volpianese, who will now have to seek redemption on Saturday, still at home, in the derby with Parella Torino. –

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