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The Winter Youth Olympic Games has unique charm-Sports-China Engineering Network

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The Winter Youth Olympic Games has unique charm-Sports-China Engineering Network

Combining sports with education and cultural experience to become an innovative testing ground for the Olympic Movement

Winter Youth Olympic Games unique charm

Workers Daily-China Industry Network reporter Liu Bing

From January 19th to February 2nd, Beijing time, the 4th Winter Youth Olympic Games was held in Gangwon Province, South Korea. This Winter Youth Olympic Games has a total of 7 major events, 15 sub-events, and 81 minor events. More than 1,800 athletes from 78 national and regional Olympic committees participated, and the number of participants set a game record. The Chinese sports delegation sent 56 athletes to compete in 7 major events, 12 sub-events, and 50 minor events.

You only get one chance to compete in a lifetime event, and it’s an Olympic-level event. The Winter Youth Olympic Games provide such opportunities for young athletes around the world.

In July 2007, at the 119th Plenary Session of the International Olympic Committee held in Guatemala City, the International Olympic Committee decided to host a new comprehensive sports meeting-the Winter Youth Olympic Games. It is the sixth comprehensive sports event under the International Olympic Committee after the Olympic Games, Winter Olympics, Paralympic Games, Winter Paralympics and Summer Youth Olympic Games. It was first held in 2012, and has been held every four years since then. It has been held three times before this one.

The Winter Youth Olympic Games have been included in the Olympic event system. The original intention of the International Olympic Committee is to strengthen sports, education, and cultural exchanges and promote the popularity of ice and snow sports around the world. Former International Olympic Committee President Rogge once said: “The Winter Youth Olympics is definitely not a ‘Mini Winter Olympics’, but an event that combines sports with education and cultural experience, allowing more young people to experience and participate in ice and snow sports. Come in.”

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After the exploration and practice of the nearly three Winter Youth Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee has re-emphasized the three major positions of the Olympics for young people: a high-level youth sports arena, a festival stage that combines sports with education and culture, and innovation in the Olympic movement proving ground. Although it is currently unable to compete with the Olympic Games and Winter Olympics in terms of influence and commercial value, the Winter Youth Olympic Games also has unique charm and value.

Judging from the past three competitions, the Winter Youth Olympic Games have a high competitive level, and many future stars of ice and snow sports will emerge from here. Freestyle skier Gu Ailing, who was appointed as the global ambassador of this Winter Youth Olympics, and Korean short track speed skating star Huang Daheon, etc., all became famous in the Winter Youth Olympics.

Combining it with education and culture is another distinctive feature of the Winter Youth Olympics. The Winter Youth Olympics does not have a medal list, hoping to downplay competitive results and encourage athletes to communicate more and learn more.

The reporter learned that in order to attract more attention, tickets for all events of this Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games are free except for the opening ceremony. The event also hopes to create a holiday party, and an ice and snow event called “Play Together in Winter” will provide spectators with the opportunity to participate in ice and snow sports and learn about Olympic values. The International Olympic Committee also organizes career development training for young athletes and young journalists during the games, allowing young people around the world to experience the charm of the Olympics first-hand, both inside and outside the stadium.

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In addition to continuing the tradition of offline activities, this Winter Youth Olympic Games also launched the virtual reality “Metaverse” experience for the first time. It not only provides virtual tours of the venues, but also contains a wealth of games and challenges, allowing users to compete and communicate in real time.

The Winter Youth Olympic Games is aimed at young people and has been given the historical mission of innovation since its inception. This is very obvious in the project setting. Many new winter sports and new rules have used this platform for testing, and were eventually adopted by the Winter Olympics and other international events. For example, ski mountaineering first became a Youth Olympic event, and then was successfully shortlisted for the 2026 Milan Winter Olympics.

From less than 1,000 athletes in the first edition to more than 1,800 participants this time, in the view of the International Olympic Committee, the Winter Youth Olympic Games are not only getting bigger in scale, but the level of competition has also improved significantly. In this regard, International Olympic Committee President Bach said that the inspiration of the Winter Youth Olympic athletes to the next generation of athletes will become a new intangible Olympic legacy. “We love seeing young people continue to challenge themselves and pursue their dreams in the winter program, which is a true success story.”

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