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The World Cup 9 times the magical Dutch promotion rate of 100% in the group stage – Sports – China Industry Network

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The World Cup 9 times the magical Dutch promotion rate of 100% in the group stage – Sports – China Industry Network

Original title: World Cup 9 group stage magical Netherlands promotion rate 100%

■Yangcheng Evening News special correspondent Chai Zhi Hao Haoyu

It was originally the last performance of the host country in the World Cup in Qatar, and it was also a rare opportunity to play against the world‘s top teams. However, Qatar fans did not buy it. They were very disappointed with the national team that was eliminated early. minimum attendance rate.

On November 29th, Beijing time, in the final round of the Qatar World Cup Group A group stage, Qatar lost 0-2 to the Netherlands. They lost 7 goals in all three games and created the worst record of the host country in the World Cup finals. One goal was The team’s only harvest in this World Cup. Before the game, the overall outcome of the two sides has been determined. The Netherlands can advance to the round of 16 after a draw, while Qatar, which has lost two consecutive games, becomes the first team to lose. Although Qatar coach Sanchez dispatched the strongest formation in his hands, the audience kept blowing whistles to motivate the players, and the main attacking players such as Moez Ali, Afif, and Haidos also tried their best on the field, but there was a huge gap in strength. , Qatar had to bid farewell to its first World Cup trip with a complete defeat.

The total value of the Dutch team is as high as 587 million euros, which is close to 39 times that of Qatar. The biggest adjustment made by Dutch coach Van Gaal in this campaign is to let the main striker Depay start. This Barcelona striker failed to integrate into the system at the club and has become a fringe figure in Barcelona. “Thigh” is currently only 8 goals away from Van Persie, the top scorer in the history of the Dutch team.

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Under Depay’s frontcourt instigation, the Dutch team’s offense has improved significantly. It has completed three shots in the first 4 minutes, which is the sum of the shots against Ecuador in the last round. In 86 minutes of playing time, Depay touched the ball 102 times, only lost the ball 9 times, and the pass success rate was as high as 92.5%. Depay contributed a lot to the Netherlands’ two goals. Gakpo’s right-footed shot came from Depay’s support, and Frankie De Jong’s supplementary shot was the result of Depay’s shot in front of the goal being saved by the opponent’s goalkeeper. .

The World War I broke many records in the Netherlands: this World Cup is the 11th time in the history of the Dutch team, and it is also the 9th time for them to participate in the group stage. All 9 times have been promoted, and the promotion rate is 100%! The team has remained unbeaten in 16 consecutive matches in the World Cup group stage, second only to Brazil (17 undefeated, since 2002); the Dutch coach Van Gaal, who has entered the palace three times, has been unbeaten in 10 matches in the World Cup. With 7 wins and 3 draws (regular time), he became the coach who has never suffered a defeat in the history of the World Cup and has led the most games.

After the game, Frankie de Jong, who scored his first goal in the World Cup, issued a championship declaration: “For the opponents in the round of 16, I have no preference. All potential opponents are very strong, but we want to win the World Cup. Our goal.” Captain Van Dijk, who won all the aerial confrontations, believes that in order to go further, the team must do better: “The knockout round is about to begin, and the team may show something extra. very strong belief.”

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