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The World Cup is imminent, Chinese football recognizes the gap – yqqlm

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The World Cup is imminent, Chinese football recognizes the gap – yqqlm

Original title: The World Cup is imminent, Chinese football recognizes the gap

China Youth Daily, China Youth Daily reporter Guo Jian

On the evening of October 30th, in the focus of the Chinese Super League battle, Shandong Taishan, who played at home, finally defeated the strong enemy Shanghai Seaport 3:1. Because the league leaders Wuhan Sanzhen just unexpectedly lost 0:1 to the mid-level team Chengdu Rongcheng, Shandong. Taishan finally tied the championship rivals in the standings and tied for the first place (Shandong Taishan and Wuhan three towns all scored 53 points in 22 rounds), and the biggest suspense of the Chinese Super League resurfaced in front of the fans.

In Shandong Taishan’s narrow victory over Shanghai Seaport, South Korean foreign aid Sun Zhunhao started for 90 minutes. Although he failed to continue the record of consecutive assists, he performed well in midfield, which not only helped Shandong Taishan survive the passive state in the first half , The second half can also put pressure on the opponent on the offensive end-Sun Zhunhao was selected for the South Korean national team’s October training roster. After coordination with various parties, Sun Zhunhao was allowed by the South Korean team to return to South Korea to join the team on November 8 ( On November 7, Shandong Taishan in the Chinese Super League will play against Shanghai Shenhua, and on November 11, Seoul, South Korea, the South Korean team’s warm-up match), with the current state of Son Zhun-ho, it is not difficult to enter the national team World Cup list through the warm-up inspection.

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The opening match of the Qatar World Cup will be held on November 21, only 20 days from now. As the Australian team advanced through the play-offs, a total of 6 Asian teams in this World Cup have entered the finals, which is the largest number of Asian teams in the history of the World Cup. The first time, second only to the participation of 13 teams in Europe (5 teams from Africa and 4 teams from South America). If Shanghai Shenhua’s foreign aid Basogo is not called up by Cameroon’s “cramming”, then Sun Zhunhao is very likely to become the only World Cup player in the Chinese Super League – taking the Qatar World Cup as a measure, both at the Asian level and the league level , the gap between Chinese football and world football and Asian football is still widening.

The goal of the South Korean team in the World Cup is to “qualify from the group stage”. For the South Korean team, which is in the same group as Uruguay, Ghana, and Portugal, “qualifying from the group stage” is actually extremely difficult. In the last World Cup, the Korean team lost to Sweden and Mexico successively. Although the third round of the group stage was upset and sent the German team home 2-0, the Korean fans still expressed strong dissatisfaction with the ending of the group stage. , The three opponents in the group are strong and experienced, and the South Korean team needs to tap all their potential to do so.

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In fact, before the 2026 World Cup continues to expand, the “ceiling” that Asian teams can touch is “group qualification” (advance to the top 16), and the situation of the 6 Asian teams in this Qatar World Cup is not optimistic: Japan team It is a typical representative of Asian football, but it is in the same group as Spain, Germany and Costa Rica. The two European teams are undoubtedly the favorites to win this cup. The prerequisite for the Japanese team to qualify is of course to win in these two games. points; Iran is the highest-ranked team in Asia, but in the same group as England, Wales, and the United States, Iran is the lowest in the world ranking group. If you want to qualify, you need to pray for luck on the basis of giving full play; Qatar’s team The world ranking is also the worst in the group. The host team is in the same group as the Netherlands, Senegal and Ecuador. It is a worthwhile trip to get one victory. In addition, Saudi Arabia, which is in the same group as Argentina and Mexico, is in the same group as France. Team Australia, which is in the same group as the Danish team, the prospect of “accompanying the Prince to study” is almost predictable…

The overall gap between Asian football and world football can be concluded from the performance of the Qatar World Cup, while the overall gap between Chinese football and Asian football and world football can already be judged from the daily trajectory: Chinese football is still at the foundation At the stage of planning and straightening out the relationship, it has been seven years since the “Overall Plan for China‘s Football Reform and Development” was promulgated in 2015. The mid-term goal of “men’s football ranks among the top in Asia” is difficult to achieve within at least two competition cycles, even if the 2026 World Cup is expanded to The 48 teams in the finals have as many as 8.5 tickets in Asia, but the national football team whose ranking has fluctuated around tenth in Asia for a long time is still not easy to break through.

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The selection of coaches and candidates, the new national team plans to start drafting the list in January 2023, because the Asian Cup originally scheduled to be held in the summer of 2023 will be postponed to January 2024 (Qatar finally successfully bid), leaving it to Chinese football The time has become more abundant, but the 2026 World Cup qualifiers in the Asian region’s top 36 will start in November next year, and the current international reserve situation is not optimistic. It is understood that after trying the local Mesozoic coaches of Li Tie and Li Xiaopeng to lead the national team, the new-cycle men’s national football team coach candidates are more inclined to “experienced foreign teachers”.

China Youth Daily, Beijing, October 31st

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