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The World Federation of Skateboards announced the cancellation of the World Skateboarding Championships in Brazil. Brazil said it would insist on holding it jqknews

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CCTV news client World Roller Skating and Skateboard Federation (World Roller Federation) recently announced that it would cancel the two World Skateboarding Championships (street and bowl) originally planned to be held in Brazil in October this year, but Brazil immediately issued a document saying that the competition is still It will be held as normal with the exclusion of the World League.

The WWF is an international sports organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee, responsible for formulating international rules for skateboarding and organizing various international competitions. In a recent letter to national (regional) skateboarding associations and international and intercontinental technical committees, the organization said the decision to cancel the World Championships was “due to the financial inability of local event organizers to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Memorandum reached”.

The letter revealed that the WLF and Brazil had been negotiating for several weeks. “Up until the last minute, the World Championships has tried several times to make the event possible, including deciding to cover some of the costs that the organizers were originally supposed to pay in order to allow the World Championships to be held in compliance with the current minimum requirements and guarantee the athletes Payment of bonuses.”

The World Federation of Wheels said it is studying feasible alternatives to ensure the 2022 World Championships as much as possible.

But Brazil immediately made the opposite sound. On its official social media account, the Brazilian League of League (CBSK) recently issued a statement saying: Even without the participation of the World League, the Brazilian League will continue to hold the competition with its domestic competition company; the two World Championships will still be held in 10 Held in Rio de Janeiro this month, the total prize money will be as high as 500,000 US dollars (about 3.45 million yuan).

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In addition, the Brazilian side also revealed that the World League and Brazil signed a memorandum on how to organize the competition in May this year, but the World League has since put forward new requirements beyond the memorandum, and the two sides cannot develop ideas and business. agreement on these new requirements.

The World Championships in Brazil is part of the qualifying rounds for the Paris Olympics, according to the schedule previously announced by the World Championships. So far, there has been only one Olympic qualifying event, the Rome stop of the World Skate Street Pro Tour in Italy in June.

The World League has yet to explain how the Olympic qualifying system will change, nor has it responded to Brazil’s remarks.

(Original title: The World Wheel Federation announced the cancellation of the Brazil Skateboard World Championships, Brazil said it would insist on holding it)

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