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The world’s highest prize money e-sports event cancels the qualifiers, it is better to stop it directly

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Yesterday, the official Dota2 Valve stated that the first Major qualifier of the new season will be cancelled, and its points will be allocated to the second and third Major events.Without warning, the cancellation of the event was directly announced, which attracted condemnation from many players and teams.. It is reported that Valve stated in the announcement that they had hoped to hold international offline events, but due to the epidemic and the travel restrictions of many teams, the first Major event will be cancelled, and its DPC score will be assigned to the subsequent second, second and third major events. Third Major.


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Since the announcement has not communicated with any team in advance, there is no mention of the processing of the event bonus except for the points.. So as soon as the news came out, Valve immediately received verbal criticism from players and teams.

Some team managers said that they have been communicating with Valve for several weeks without receiving any reply, which is also the biggest problem that Valve needs to solve urgently.

In addition, some players said that it may be better to communicate or simply stop Dota e-sports completely, whichever results are better than the current situation.One player even said that becoming a Dota 2 player was the worst decision of his life

As the current e-sports event with the highest prize money, the prize money of the Ti International Invitational Tournament comes entirely from players’ recharges.Last year’s prize pool went straight to $40 million, another new high. And its qualifier, the Major, not only determines the qualifications of the participating teams, but its bonus is also a great supplement to the team’s funds.

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Valve has previously stated that it will reduce the prize money of the Major event, and now it has directly cancelled the competition, which is expected to cause dissatisfaction.

And Valve’s previous description is now even more intriguing.

Valve sees TI as a passion project.Compared to the time invested, they don’t get much from TI, so when teams go directly to the public platform to complain about problems, it will keep Valve from continuing to lose motivation to continue TI.”。

Perhaps it is really the result that V Club wants to stop.


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