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The Yanliang Division of the First Community Games of Xi’an started

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The Yanliang Division of the First Community Games of Xi’an started

The Yanliang Division of the First Community Games of Xi’an started

2022-06-17 22:51:17Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News On the morning of June 17, accompanied by warm-up programs such as Taijiquan that combines rigidity and softness, and exciting and powerful water encouragement, the Yanliang Division Competition of the First Community Games of Xi’an City was held in Hongqi Community, Xinhua Road Street, Yanliang District. Square starts.

“I feel the joy of sports at home, it helps to play, and it feels good.” Yu Biao, 36, likes to play table tennis since he was a child. After taking the oath as an athlete representative, he told reporters that in this community games, he signed up for table tennis and chess. “I will do my best to achieve good results and try to advance to the finals in Xi’an!” Yu Biao said.
After the launching ceremony, activities such as square dancing, two-person three-legged, and four-person shuttlecock kicking quickly pushed the atmosphere to a climax. Accompanied by the sound of cheers from the sidelines, the players united and cooperated, worked hard, and enjoyed the fun of sports to the fullest. “This community sports meeting is so well organized. The games that can only be seen on TV are now available at my doorstep. I am very moved by the fighting spirit of the players!” Aunt Tian, ​​who was sitting in the auditorium, said happily.

“I participate, I am healthy. Community sports will make everyone involved, and I feel very happy! It is very satisfying to be able to show myself in front of neighbors and friends.” Zhang Shenya, a dancer from Hangfei Community in Yanliang District, said.

“Everyone is an athlete, and everyone can be a champion.” The reporter felt at the scene that the community games infiltrated the masses by “fragmentation” of the event, which made the atmosphere of the scene more harmonious, the old and the young had fun together, and the neighbors were strong. There are both family groups and neighborly groups. The athletes were in high spirits, showed their skills and competed with each other. The audience applauded, cheered, and eager to try. Everyone enjoyed the joy of sports.

It is reported that with the theme of “I participate, I am healthy”, the Yanliang Divisional Competition takes the form of “community organization and participation of the whole people”. There are ball, quality, chess, dance, fun and special projects 6 categories, 27 items. The regional competition has both sports and fitness activities, as well as leisure and entertainment activities, creating a strong national fitness atmosphere. “The activity is from June to November, with a large time span, many projects and rich content.” Mr. Wang, a citizen, said that he is very much looking forward to this “home door” sports meeting, which will make the national fitness in the aviation city continue to be hot and popular.

Deng Pingao, member of the Organization Department of Yanliang District Committee and deputy director of the Yanliang Division Competition Organizing Committee, said on the spot: “The purpose of this event is to include all the activities that everyone likes to see, increase the participation rate of the general public, and let everyone Actively participate in it, strengthen the body together, and let more residents participate in the national fitness.”

Text/Photo by Luo Yan, correspondent of all media reporters of Xi’an Newspaper Industry, Du Fei

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