Home Sports The yellow clock from 200,000 Euros gone to Medvedev during the ATP Finals in Turin: the case filed

The yellow clock from 200,000 Euros gone to Medvedev during the ATP Finals in Turin: the case filed

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TURIN. The Daniil Medvedev to 200,000 euro clock yellow, disappeared from luxurious locker room last night the ATP Finals, has been resolved. For Livia pm Locci who coordinated the investigation it was not theft: having plumbed in reverse the steps of the mystery, the disappearance to the discovery of precious Bovet 86, has called for the closure of the file, he was against unknown persons. Not only because it would not commit any theft, but also the attempt would not configurable.

Medvedev and yellow clock disappeared: from the pocket of a worker on the wrist of an executive

lodovico poletto

According to the reconstruction of the prosecution, a representative of the organization, sent to collect hair dryer and towels from the locker room, he found the watch in the number 2 tennis world resting on a radiator. He took it and handed over to his manager. At this juncture it would have created the misunderstanding: discovering the disappearance, had started investigations but the clock was already safe. But Medvedev has made a complaint and then left for Monte Carlo. The manager in charge of maintaining relations with the athletes took delivery of the Bovet86 with the intention to bring it back to the owner a few days later, during the final of the Davis Cup in Madrid. But the investigation had since left, the manager was stopped at the start, at the airport, and the case has exploded, creating embarrassment to the organization of the ATP Finals which can now breathe a sigh of relief.


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