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The youngsters of the World Cup and the market at the gates

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The youngsters of the World Cup and the market at the gates

Udinese, once the short period of freedom had ended, called their players back to their headquarters to begin work in order to find themselves in optimal conditions when the championship resumes and perfect the path of insertion in classification areas worthy of their ambitions and satisfying for the expectations of the fans.

These are full days of football played in Qatar which will assign a world title which will eventually find its legitimacy, however many reservations, controversies, indignations the headquarters and the presence of so many national teams representing countries that cannot be identified as models of respect for civil rights, women’s empowerment, freedom and communication and action.

It is useless to venture into rankings on the effectiveness of the various manifestations of denunciation through the positions taken in protest by the various teams with the absurd prohibitions of Fifa.

The fact remains that, when we play, we also happen to see some interesting matches, for technical quality, for unexpected results or in any case not adhering to the predictions of us external observers.

The fact is that, however detached and almost bored we find ourselves being, we cannot fail to admit that in circulation, and not only in the most accredited national teams, there are excellent players endowed with refined individual technique and an athletic physical equipment of all respect.

Young talents flourish in clusters whose skill, especially when accompanied by extraordinary speed of legs and thought, cannot fail to arouse some perplexity about the too obvious gap that exists with our young people who are struggling to find a place in the first teams and therefore ce we find them in Serie A when by now, due to the calendar that is in force abroad, they are no longer young.

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But the speech is trite and certainly remains linked to the fact that we have to deal with a certain disaffection of the kids to compete in the things of the ball with the necessary application and patience.

That the interruptions due to Covid have generated a sensational diaspora of very young people who, when activities resumed, did not reappear is the clear signal that perhaps the sector needs to be reformed so that young people find a way to have fun and apply themselves above all by playing and learning to be together in harmony and without the worry of having to be quickly identified as possible champions of the future.

Those in charge of the club are working to adequately manage this period which is also important because it opens a new transfer window in which naturally many rapacious eyes look at the Juventus home to see if some good players can be taken away immediately. But it seems to be possible to exclude sensational and numerous operations.

I’ll see if I can drop by Santa Caterina, to give a little polish to so many personal memories that by now fade in my memory.

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