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The Youth and Middle-aged League will debut in December. Hangzhou football will be bustling this year_Hangzhou Net

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Hangzhou Football to Host Youth and Middle-aged League Competition

As the year comes to a close, Hangzhou football enthusiasts can look forward to the upcoming Youth and Middle-aged Football Competition, set to kick off in December. The Hangzhou West Lake Cup football series concluded at the end of November, paving the way for the much-anticipated league competition.

The event, organized by the Hangzhou Football Association, will feature two categories: college group and social group, with a record-breaking 24 teams participating this year. The competition has continued to attract an increasing number of middle-aged football fans, providing them with an opportunity to pursue their passion for the sport and relive their youthful aspirations on the field.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the establishment of “National Fitness Day” in the country, and with the upcoming Asian Games, all eyes are on Hangzhou as the excitement surrounding national fitness reaches new heights. As the world‘s leading sport, football matches in Hangzhou have been nothing short of exciting, adding to the city’s vibrant sporting culture.

The 2023 West Lake Cup Series, which began in the spring and concluded in late autumn and winter, saw 66 teams compete in a total of 147 games over seven months. The Hangyou, Hangzhou Guan, and Hangzhou Super League three-tier leagues also witnessed thrilling matches, with teams such as Hangzhou Jinggu Beihang, Wuchan Zhongda, and Hangzhou Yonglong emerging as champions in their respective leagues.

Moreover, the total number of live broadcasts for the 2023 West Lake Cup series is expected to exceed 150,000, with the Hangzhou Super League finals set to feature professional commentators. An annual awards ceremony is scheduled to take place in December, during which amateur players participating in the West Lake Cup will have the opportunity to share in the honor and recognition.

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With the upcoming launch of the Youth and Middle-aged Football Competition and the successful conclusion of the West Lake Cup series, Hangzhou is gearing up for a bustling year in football. The city’s commitment to promoting amateur football is evident, as more individuals are encouraged to immerse themselves in the sport, fostering a strong sense of community and sportsmanship.

Reporter Wang Zhenkai and Editor Rong Lijuan have contributed to this article.

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