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The Youth Figure Skating Army: A Rapidly Growing Force Prepares for the Youth Olympics

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Title: China’s Youth Figure Skating Army Gears Up for Youth Olympics

By Tian Jie, China Sports News Reporter

The youth figure skating scene in China has witnessed a rapid growth, with young athletes preparing to showcase their talent at the upcoming Youth Olympics. The ISU Figure Skating Youth Grand Prix, which took place from August to October, saw Chinese skaters excel in various disciplines, including men’s and women’s singles, pairs skating, and ice dance.

For many of these young athletes, this season marked their first experience competing internationally. Despite initial nerves, they displayed their impressive training levels and secured top ten finishes in each event, achieving commendable results. Shi Wenning and Wang Zhiyu won the bronze medal in the Austrian station for pairs skating, Lin Yufei and Gao Zijian finished fifth in the Thai station for ice dance, Tian Tonghe secured fourth place in the men’s single skating event in Austria, and Wang Yihan narrowly missed the podium at the Polish Grand Prix by a mere 0.01 points.

The International Skating Union Figure Skating Youth Group competition, designed for skaters between the ages of 13 and 19, has provided a platform for China’s emerging talent. These early international performances not only create a positive impression in the minds of judges but also boost the confidence of the athletes representing their national team.

Buoyed by their performances in this season’s Youth Grand Prix and the previous year’s World Championships, Chinese figure skaters have already secured quotas for the Winter Youth Olympics in men’s and women’s singles, as well as pairs skating and ice dance, being the third substitute in the latter category. Due to the uneven distribution of young figure skaters globally, there is a strong chance for Chinese players to qualify for the ice dance event. This qualification allows for the formation of a team to compete in the team event, providing an opportunity for a favorable ranking.

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China’s young figure skaters have shown exceptional competitiveness in women’s singles and significant improvements in ice dancing skills. As the “post-Winter Olympics era” commences, the country’s flourishing figure skating club leagues, along with the momentum generated by the forthcoming “Fourteenth Winter,” ensure fresh talent emerges each year. These clubs now boast adult, youth, junior, and senior groups, serving as a breeding ground for future champions. Although the International Skating Union has raised the age threshold for the adult group, making it challenging for them to transition during the Milan cycle, their continued success in the youth group paves the way for a strong talent pool for the 2030 Winter Olympics.

With the youth figure skating army aiming high, Chinese skaters are set to make their mark at the upcoming Youth Olympics, harnessing their skills and determination to leave an indelible legacy in the world of figure skating.

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