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There is a strong hunch that the office worker won the big prize of 20 yuan and caught 1 million yuan_cook out

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Original title: There is a strong hunch that an office worker wins the prize of 20 yuan and captures 1 million yuan

On November 9th, the 21299th issue of Sports Lottery 5 issued the numbers “8, 8, 8, 5, 9”, and a total of 175 bets were awarded first prizes nationwide. 17 bets are ranked 5 first prize, with a prize of 1.7 million yuan. At the same time, 36 bets are ranked 3 first prize! So many bets for the first prize in a single station, is it for multiple players or one person to win?

On the morning of November 10th, the winners came to Handan Sports Lottery Center Hall early to redeem 1 million yuan. Mr. Zhang, who has reached middle age, said that he usually does not smoke or drink, and his daily life is relatively simple. Apart from going to work, buying lottery tickets is his only hobby. Mr. Zhang usually likes to study digital games like Arrangement 3, Arrangement 5, 7 Star Lottery and other sports lottery games. After buying lottery for so many years, big lottery small prizes and Arrangement 3 are often won, although they have repeatedly rubbed shoulders with Arrangement 5 first prize. However, he still firmly believes in his own analytical thinking, and will study the betting numbers in his spare time and buy a few bets.

Normally, the amount of betting is basically controlled within thirty to fifty yuan. This time, after studying the numbers with friends, he bought a few lottery tickets for Arrangement 3 and Arrangement 5. He said: “I feel very good, so I spent 20 yuan alone to buy 10 times arrangement 5. Looking at the moon last night like a bow shape, I feel more and more that this issue can’shoot the bullseye’, and it turns out that I really dreamed of it. It’s true.” The 10-note arrangement 5 first prize of this redemption was purchased by Mr. Zhang personally. The remaining arrangement 3 and 5 first prizes in the Shangdu Mingyuan Sports Lottery website are because they need to communicate and negotiate with their friends to buy together. Come to redeem the prize later.

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Mr. Zhang said that after buying the lottery ticket for so long, he finally won the jackpot, and he was very excited. Buying lottery has become a habit of his life, and he has also made many friends. As a senior lottery buyer, he believes that lottery purchases should maintain a calm mind, invest in an appropriate amount according to his economic income level, and buy lottery tickets themselves are for public welfare, even if they do not win the prize, they are also dedicated to public welfare. (lucky doll)Return to Sohu to see more


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