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Third pole, Renzi and Calenda betrothed. The leader? Check a ticket of women

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Third pole, Renzi and Calenda betrothed.  The leader?  Check a ticket of women

A Latin maxim says: “Nihil difficile, volenti”, nothing is hard, if you want. The problem is the political will for the birth of the center party, which in Italy Viva there is, while in Action, that is, in Calenda , less. Or rather, there is under certain conditions. “I hope the third pole born, there are the conditions for it to happen. With Renzi – Carlo Calenda told the Press website yesterday – we have heard, we talk, the two staff are in contact, we are discussing. But the agreement is not there yet, it is not closed “.

Vote, Gelmini indicates the route. “On the right, many disappointed. Action fills FI’s void”

Calenda (without Renzi) is forced to collect signatures? Here’s what the standard says

“We are talking about what we want to do, how to organize the electoral campaign, obviously we are also talking about colleges – he explained -. agreement between us it is neither obvious nor banal. We have relationships with him that have deteriorated over time, a programmatic consonance unites us and some choices divide us. One of the things we said to ourselves is that the leadership must be clear, that we will communicate if and when the agreement is made. It can be one of us, but maybe the leader can be a third party, or, better, a third “.

And in fact yesterday – to resolve the impasse between the two prima donnas Calenda and Renzi – the hypothesis of a “Ticket” with Mara Carfagna and Elena Bonetti . At present it is a suggestion and Carfagna herself has called out: “I will not be the leader of the Third Pole and the leader of Action is Carlo Calenda”. You would also be working on a single symbol, which would contain the words “Calenda”, and below, smaller, the symbols of the two parties. But here too everything is in the making. “If the conditions are right, the pact with Italia Viva will be made, we are also discussing whether it will be a single list or a coalition” Calenda reiterated in the evening. Certainly the agreement with Italia Viva would overcome the problem of collecting signatures for Action (even if Calenda swears that “yesterday the European Parliament sent the Viminale the certification that I was elected with a list of PdSiamo Europeani e Action is the same association of Siamo Europeani , therefore the exemption for the collection of signatures is in accordance with “).

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The road is winding, but the awareness that there is one window of opportunity there is in both leaders. “The third pole is not necessary, but fundamental. The understanding can be made, but after what happened with Letta I am cautious” Calenda told her yesterday. Today there will be the decisive meeting, which was scheduled yesterday and then postponed.

The survey by QuorumYou Trend for Sky also provided stimuli for the agreement which, alone, gives Action to 2% and Italia Viva to 2.2% . At Action they don’t believe it, but of course, some alarm bells have sounded. “The challenge – said Calenda – is to win the proportional in the Senate, to keep Draghi in Palazzo Chigi and smash the right. We will not make politics of the two ovens, because there is a sovereign oven that is extremely dangerous. The third pole wants to be the pivot of a balance towards the center, we will try to build a large majority that will allow Draghi to stay because the next few years are so complicated and difficult that they cannot be faced with heterogeneous majorities “.

“We – reaffirms Matteo Renzi in the E-news – are there. And we are willing to lend a hand because the goal of making the third pole requires generosity and commitment. If Calenda is there, we are here. Carlo and I can do it together. the bang. If Calenda prefers to go alone, I don’t understand him but I respect him and I wish him the best. It’s not a problem of signatures or lists: it’s a political problem “. And this is precisely the problem.

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