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Third time, the podcast that tells the new life of athletes after retirement

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Those medals that our athletes are chasing at the Olympics are thrilling, but as always there is also another face, that of those who have reached the pinnacle and then had to deal with reality. Within “Terzo Tempo”, the new podcast series produced by Il Sole 24 Ore exclusively for Audible subscribers, you will hear the voices of great sports champions who will tell their lives of great successes but also of overcoming heavy obstacles or simply of life choices other than those that anyone would have expected.

Life after competition

The most striking example is the story of Niccolò Campriani who at the Olympics won 3 gold medals and one silver with shooting, but decided to leave the business prematurely to build a future that would make him really happy. . Today he is the coach of 3 war refugee boys who never picked up a rifle. The passion and hope they put into this project meant that two of them are today in Tokyo fighting for their right to be successful in life – just like Assunta Legnante who competed as able-bodied until she had to give up. to see the world through his wonderful eyes. Today she is a champion in shot put, she is training with passion, determination and commitment to present herself in the best possible way at the Paralympics where there will be a record expedition for the Italian delegation: 113 athletes engaged in 16 of the 22 disciplines foreseen. And for the first time, women (61) outnumber men (51). At the Paralympics, scheduled from 24 August to 5 September in Tokyo, Assunta Legnante has already made it known that she wants to win her third gold after those won in London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016.


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Stronger than injuries

In “Third Time” we will also find Diana Bianchedi who in fencing together with Trillini and Vezzali won two Olympic gold medals. Then a bad injury stopped her, but it was just a warning to keep going. Today she is coordinator of the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympics project, she is part of the panel of Uefa experts on doping, she is the mother of two boys and in total, in her life, she has participated with different roles in 8 Olympic Games.

The passion of Fiona May and Antonio Cabrini

Tireless like Fiona May, two silvers at the Olympics and an innate passion transmitted to her daughter that today makes us excited and hopes for a bright future in the long jump.From the Olympics to football, that of the European champions that we celebrated less than a month ago . Antonio Cabrini tells us what it means to reach the top of the world with the blue shirt and at the same time wake up in the morning with the body asking you for the bill. Today a motivator in companies, the Bell’Antonio tells more about himself than you can imagine: a footballer like Patrizia Panico who made her way in a purely male world and after being included in Nicolato’s staff in Under21 (the first time ever for a woman), today has chosen to go to coach the women’s Fiorentina in this new football adventure.

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