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Third vaccine dose, Figliuolo: “For 40-59 year olds, it can be anticipated from Monday”

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Covid vaccine (Dire)

Rome, November 18, 2021 – La third dose of the vaccine for 40-59 year olds it will be brought forward to next Monday. This is what the Commissioner for the emergency Francesco writes Son in a new circular to the Regions. It will be up to the Regions to decide, which they will be able to “anticipate to next November 22nd the initiation of the administration of the booster dose in favor of subjects between the ages of 40 and 59, provided that at least six months have elapsed since the completion of the primary vaccination course “.

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“The contagion curve rises in our country and, even more so, in the European countries close to Italy. The vaccine is the main tool to reduce the spread of the virus and serious forms of disease. It is right, therefore, bring the recall campaign to November 22 vaccinations for the 40-59 age group “, reiterates the Minister of Health, Roberto Hope. Figliuolo then signed the order: “In light of the evolution of the epidemiological situation in recent weeks with the progressive increase in the weekly incidence of new cases and the growth of infections – reads the document of the Presidency of the Council – considering that the current after about six months of vaccination, evidence shows an initial decline in the level of efficacy of vaccines against symptomatic forms, while maintaining a high protective capacity against severe forms of disease, taking into account the current wide availability of vaccines of the high capacity to administer the vaccination points currently operating, having consulted the Minister of Health, without prejudice to the priorities established in the circulars in reference “, the Regions” will be able to bring forward the administration of the ‘booster’ dose in favor of subjects to next November 22, 2021 aged between 40 and 59 years as long as at least 6 mes i from the completion of the primary vaccination course “.

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Next week the CDM will also consider whether to extend it to the third dose the obligation of vaccines for health professionals, Besides reduce the duration of validity of the Green pass. “The Minister of Health Speranza has announced that he is preparing a provision for the obligation of the third dose for health professionals, which I presume should start from 1 December”, said the president of the National Federation of Orders of Surgeons and Dentists (Fnomceo ), Filippo Anelli. “Our opinion was that vaccination is the tool that made us reduce infections – adds Anelli – and therefore we can only agree”. The arrival of an ‘ad hoc’ regulation for the third dose also raises the question of extending the obligation of the anti-Covid vaccine for healthcare professionals which will expire on December 31st: “I imagine that it will depend on how the new regulation will be written for the third doses “, clarifies Anelli who adds” but the deadline of the first obligation will have to be postponed “.

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