Home Sports “This Deulofeu is precisely the player that Gotti’s Udinese was missing so much”

“This Deulofeu is precisely the player that Gotti’s Udinese was missing so much”

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David Di Michele sees himself in some qualities in the current Juventus 10 “In dribbling at speed, in shooting around and in sudden steering”


He resembles him for the ease of dribbling while running, sprinting, shooting and above all the unpredictability ball and chain. It is in these characteristics that David Di Michele himself saw himself in Gerard Deulofeu, or rather, at the level expressed by the Catalan last Sunday with Sassuolo. Perhaps the comparison between the two may still appear risky, especially in the face of a comparison that commits the current Udinese 10 to approach the 33 goals scored in 98 games by Di Michele who was a real protagonist in the race to the first Champions League, scoring 15. only in the 2004-’05 season, but the comparison can be for the ex who foresees a great future in the attacking couple Deulofeu-Beto.

Di Michele, comparisons with the past are commonplace in football, but does this Deulofeu resemble you?

«Yes, especially in some marked qualities. I saw myself again in speed dribbling, in shooting rounds, in sudden swerve and sprint, in a word in unpredictability. She played a big game with Sassuolo and I think Udinese has really found the player she was missing, capable of bringing important numbers ».

Paired with Beto?

“Mostly. Indeed, for me they are the right couple because they complement each other very well. With the great physical strength that he finds, Beto can attack the spaces and then score in front of the goal, while the Catalan guarantees one-on-one and creativity ».

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Could Beto-Deulofeu remember the Di Michele-Iaquinta couple?

“No. With all respect for Beto, Vincenzo had a speed and a technique that the Portuguese does not yet possess ».

To enhance them and raise Udinese’s center of gravity, Gotti is also thinking about the back four.

“The coach has precisely the task of putting players with outstanding characteristics in the best conditions to make them express at their best, and if this means changing the form that is welcome, but also the teammates I think are in favor of tactical shifts that allow the best to make a difference. Domenica Gotti gave a little more stability and coverage against Sassuolo in which the full-backs push, a team that if you go to take it high starts again and if you expect it comes to press high, so Gotti read it very well “.

How do you evaluate the other offensive possibilities in the hands of the coach?

«I see Pereyra behind the strikers very well. At the “Tucu” you can grant freedom of movement and play because it is atypical and very varied, as demonstrated in the assist for Beto ».

Di Michele, you were also an ex of Torino. What opponent will Udinese find after the break?

«Juric’s Bull is totally different from last year’s one, he has the character, determination and wickedness of his player and tends to make the opponent play badly with that great aggression and breaking of the game. They almost always do a foul when they lose the ball, they are hungry for points and they won’t give up anything ».

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Brekalo will return to Toro, perhaps Mandragora and Pobega will return from the national team.

«Mancini has always shown that he knows how to reward young people who are doing well. Over the past two to three years, Pobega has shown that it deserves the category and is an award. As for Brekalo and Mandragora, if they play they will not be at their best after a period of absence and this could be lucky for Udinese ». –

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