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“Three points deserved I have seen distractions but there is the right spirit”

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Mazzarri praises the team for how they interpreted the game “We can do much better in managing the ball”

CAGLIARI. At the end of the game he was almost more tired than the players. He entered the field dressed in dot but the jacket on Waltr Mazzarri’s shoulders lasted a fraction of a second. In his shirt sleeves he gave advice to the team from the first to the last minute. He screamed more especially when his team was two goals ahead. «I was burned by the match against Venice, where we had thrown away the three points. But in the end this victory came, it took »the first words of the Cagliari coach. It wasn’t just roses and flowers, especially in the first half. “There is still something to improve. We started very well, after the first goal the fear of winning took over, a psychological legacy that the team has been carrying for a long time. We missed a lot of passes, a technical team like ours needs to manage ball possession better. We have to work on these aspects, playing more relaxed and knowing how to read the different moments of the match. Now we are no longer last, we have taken off a burden. This victory was needed, we keep it very tight ».

Walter is never happy and after pointing out what needs to be improved, he goes into the details of the match. «The performance was positive, we deserved it. It means that we worked well during the week. The team has shown that they want to take care of the particular. Something different was seen. As I always tell the kids, we have to get the episodes on our side. It is also true that today there was that extra bit of luck that assisted us in the right way. The victory came from the head but above all through the game ».

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Godin seemed destined for the bench, however: «I waited until the last moment before deciding whether to let Godin start – explains the Tuscan coach – he came from the other side of the world, he is no longer a kid, he did only one training session. He told me he was fine, but I was aware that in this heat and with the after-effects of jet lag it wouldn’t last 90 ‘. The relay with Ceppitelli was almost taken for granted ».

A few steps ahead of Strootman, the player who until now had disappointed expectations. «He worked a lot during the break, he got up to speed. I’m happy with his performance but he also knows he can do better ».

Marin between the lines an idea that is giving excellent results. «The boy – says Mazzarri – is at ease in that position. I’m sure he can do great things behind the tips. He too came from commitments with the national team and was not at the top, but he played very well ».

Finally, words to honey for Sardinia. «When I accept a challenge, I am adrenaline-pumped, I give everything. I threw myself into it with the enthusiasm of a kid in the first year of Serie A, I would like to leave something.


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