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Thrilling!Fan Zhendong beat Lin Yunru 4-3 hard to advance to men’s singles final

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Original title: Thrilling!Fan Zhendong beat Lin Yunru 4-3 hard to advance to the men’s singles final

Beijing time, July 29, news from the Tokyo Olympics table tennis singles event today entered the semi-final competition. Men’s singles top seed and Chinese player Fan Zhendong experienced seven rounds of fierce battle, 4-3 thrilling defeat of Chinese Taipei teenager Lin Yunru, he will be in In the final against the winner between Chinese player Malone and German veteran Ocharov.

In the first game, Fan Zhendong entered the state slowly, made many unnecessary errors, and fell behind 1-5 at the start. Lin Yunru’s first three boards are of high quality, relying on fewer mistakes to establish an 8-4 lead. Although Fan Zhendong relied on a forehand to chase points one after another, Lin Yunru had a higher hit rate in the backhand stalemate, and soon went 11-6.

In the second round of the game, Fan Zhendong gradually found his state, and controlled the landing point in the stage more accurately, using the opponent’s mistakes to get a 5-1 lead. After that, Lin Yunru reduced the entanglement in the stage, took the initiative to form a stalemate, stubbornly chased the score to 4-8, and then backhanded several times to establish an advantage. After being chased by his opponent to 8-9, Fan Zhendong requested a timeout for adjustment, and then he relied on serving to score two points in a row, 11-9 to get back a game.

In the third game, there were some unnecessary errors during the stalemate between the two sides, and the opening ended with 3 draws. Fan Zhendong’s forehand power is significantly stronger, relying on excellent active offense to get a 7-5 lead. Since then, both sides played multiple shots of high-quality serve and the score went all the way to 12 ties. At the critical moment, Fan Zhendong scored with a forehand reverse pull, and then a backhand twist to force the opponent to pull out of bounds. Fan Zhendong struggled to make another victory with 14-12.

In the fourth game, Fan Zhendong made several short swings and the quality was not high. Lin Yunru seized the opportunity to attack and score. Fan Zhendong fell behind 2-4 in the start. The stability of Fan Zhendong’s backhand stalemate was greatly improved, and the forehand attack was more smoothly connected, and he quickly overtook the score 7-5. Lin Yunru also increased the changes on the line, actively suppressing Fan Zhendong’s backhand, and tenaciously chasing the score to 13 even. At the critical moment, Lin Yunru’s forehand offensive performance was strong and scored 2 points in a row, equalizing the score 15-13.

In the fifth game, both of them were prepared for each other’s serve and played many times with wonderful catches, and the opening game was 3 draws. After that, although the quality of his serve has improved, Fan Zhendong missed the ball twice and was stubbornly chased by his opponent to 6-level. Fan Zhendong’s backhand twisting and pulling finally reached the level it should be, suppressing the opponent in strength, getting the game point 10-8, and taking advantage of the short swing after a fake action to take another point, 11-9 This council.

In the sixth game, Lin Yunru was very precise in the control of the landing point, forcing Fan Zhendong to make many mistakes, and the opening two sides reached a 3 tie. Fan Zhendong’s backhand and Lin Yunru’s forehand drawing did not lose the slightest effort, and completely controlled Lin Yunru’s twisting and pulling line, and quickly established the advantage with 8-4. After that, Fan Zhendong was slightly conservative. After leading 9-5, he was beaten and chased by his opponents. Lin Yunru scored 6 points in a fierce forehand attack, achieved a major reversal in the game 11-9, and tied the total score to 3.

In the crucial decisive game, Lin Yunru had already fully displayed his momentum, and he had two shots to catch and score. Fan Zhendong stabilized his position in time, fiercely suppressing the opponent’s backhand and chasing the score to 3 draws. Since then, Fan Zhendong has made more clear tactics, firmly suppressing the opponent’s backhand and attacking the forehand gap, leading by 8-4 consecutive points. Fan Zhendong did not allow the mistake of the previous game to repeat itself. When his opponent was chased to 8-10, Lalin Yunru scored a forehand gap, and won the game 11-8. The total score was 4-3 and the opponent was the first to advance to the final. (Jeremyliu)Return to Sohu to see more


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